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Dangerous Weapons Which Are Legal

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:12 pm


The good old slingshot is still a very dangerous weapon and when you get something as powerful as the example in this photograph, and when you are accurate enough with your aiming, then you can see how it can inflict a lot of pain and damage if you hit somebody with it. Not every state is going to allow you to have this weapon, but in those that do it is best to practice or you will constantly miss making this weapon pretty useless.


This is a ninja sword and even though you do not have to wear it on your back like this it is still a very dangerous weapon to own and one that is also completely legal in certain parts of the country. Everybody knows that a sword can cause a lot of damage to an individual, but it does mean that it can be a very good weapon to defend yourself with and would make potential attackers think twice.

3.Ball and chain

The fact that a ball and chain is legal in some areas really has to come as a bit of a shock to most people because this is something that people believe has been left behind in the Middle Ages. The idea behind this weapon is nice and simple, but there is no doubt that it can cause a lot of damage and there is a serious risk of killing somebody if you hit them with this very dangerous weapon.


A crossbow is legal in a number of states and some of them are serious weapons that are capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Forget your bow and arrow, a crossbow is something that is completely different and with it being easier to use it does mean more people can defend themselves with something that really is a dangerous weapon.


Ok this looks like it is just a stick, but in the right hands a Bo can be a very dangerous weapon that is capable of inflicting a lot of pain on an individual. This stick is five feet long, so you can imagine the range it gives you over an attacker and they will certainly know all about it when it hits them and they will think twice about continuing the attack on you.

6.Sap cap

This does look like a normal run of the mill baseball cap, but in actual fact the skip part has a metal plate that you could then hit somebody with by simply holding onto the other part of the hat. This is going to come as a real surprise to them as the metal tends to be denser than lead, so imagine the impact it will have when you hit them with it.

7.Umbrella sword

Forget about the sword cane and instead look at the umbrella sword as being one of the ultimate dangerous weapons thanks to you both being able to keep dry while you fight off those would be attackers. It does look completely innocent, but inside the handle is a small sword that could easily inflict a lot of damage when used correctly.


8.Sword cane

This may look like something out of a spy movie, but the sword cane is real and it can indeed be used in various states. It does look rather decorative at first, but it is still a sword and that means that it can still pack a punch and cause a lot of damage and potentially even kill somebody. The best part is that it looks completely innocent at first, but take off that scabbard and your attacker will have second thoughts.

9.Wild Kat Keychain

At first this looks pretty harmless until you look closer at the design and realize that those ears are very dangerous indeed. Basically, you put your fingers through the holes where their eyes are and use those ears to stab and scratch at your potential attacker and you can see how this could indeed inflict some serious damage.


10.Tactical baton

This baton is identical to the one that the Police use, but this time you can buy it yourself via the Internet. It does extend exactly as shown in the image and there are probably a number of occasions where you feel that you would like to use it. It is made of metal, it is light, but it does cause a lot of pain when you whack somebody with it and it will stop them in their tracks.

11.Throwing star

This is an actual throwing star that is also part of a necklace and you do wonder at which point you feel the need to make a piece of jewelry out of all of this. At least they have tried to make it look nice, but at the end of the day it is still something that is sharp and can be thrown at another human being and this alone makes it a dangerous, but legal weapon.


12.Mace peppergun

Yes this is a gun that fires out mace and you can see how it would be an effective weapon if you were being attacked. The best thing about this gun is that you cannot go and shoot yourself in the face by accident, unless you are really dense, so you can aim it better and actually use it to repel the person you want rather than the random person hit by it.

13.Blow gun

Even though this really is dangerous, a blow gun is a legal weapon that could cause a lot of damage to a would be attacker. The gun part is usually approximately five feet long and it can be accurate up to sixty feet, but this depends on how hard you blow, and you can just imagine what happens to a person when one of those darts hits them.

14.Chain whip

How this can possibly be legal is a complete mystery, but in actual fact this length of metal is completely legal in most areas and something that you can, therefore, use to defend yourself with. You can only imagine how painful this is going to be if you use this weapon, but at least with it being four feet long you have some space between you and them.

15.Blast knuckles

OK you will have heard of brass knuckles, but how about blast knuckles? These are rubber knuckles that also contain a taser, so all you need to do is to hit your attacker to then blast them with some electricity. You can see how this could stop somebody in their tracks, but the surprising thing is that they are indeed legal in most states.


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