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Disney World Secrets You Didn't Know

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 5:03 pm

1.Golden tail

On Cinderella's Carousel there is one horse with a golden tail. If you are lucky enough to be on that one it is said that you are on the favorite horse of Cinderella, but the more people that know about this, then the harder it will be for you to actually get on it because surely every little girl would want that?

2.Walt Disney

In the Carousel of Progress there is actually a photograph of Walt Disney himself hidden there. If you go into the 1940s daughters room it is hanging there in the upper left hand corner and so many people either miss it or simply do not realize that it is him as most assume it is just a normal photograph to dress the room.


The workers in costume have to pay attention to the color of the cement as it tells them when they need to be in character. As long as they can see specific colors they have to keep playing along even if they are not on the main part of the theme park because a gate could be open and a child may see them and ruin the fun that they are having with being around all of these characters.

4.Red carpet

The reason why there is a red carpet at the Magic Kingdom is simply because Walt Disney wanted to create the effect of laying it out for all of the guests. The idea is that everybody is equal and is warmly welcomed there, so little touches such as the red carpet can really help to set the scene.

5.Staff movement

People that work there in costume will move between areas under the ground in special tunnels and this includes when they are arriving and leaving. They will turn up in normal clothes and have to check in at costuming in order to get changed, so you never see people in the wrong areas no matter how hard you look for them.


If you ask a human dressed up about their character then they are trained to jump right into character and tell you all about their movie and what is going on. This is something that they are taught to do from the outset in order to add to the feeling of actually talking to the person from the movie.

7.Parking Lot

The parking lot has only six of the seven dwarves as it does not include Doc. Why? They were worried people would confuse boating dock with parking Doc, so they decided to leave him out in order to prevent too much confusion.



A trash can is never more than 30 paces away from you and this is all thanks to Walt Disney. When he was creating the park he visited others and watched how long it took for people to drop litter and realized that it was within 30 steps, hence there being so many trash cans all over the park.


You know that there are a lot of cast members that work there, but if you took their laundry for one day and translated it into what you would have to do, then it would take you one load a day for 44 years to catch up. This shows how huge even this part is and you can imagine how big the laundry bill is.


10.No gum

Gum is not sold in the park as they want to stop it from being stuck on absolutely everything, but mainly the rides. They have always had this rule in place and you have to admit that it is pretty effective at what it does since it does keep the place a lot cleaner than it otherwise would have been.

11.The waste

All of the waste is actually carried underground at speeds of up to 60mph, so that is why the place looks so clean all of the time. The engineering involved in just this part alone is pretty impressive so next time you are there just think about what is whizzing around beneath your feet.


12.Its layout

It is designed so that as you move from one land to the other you cannot see anything else apart from the one you are entering. This is all done thanks to the placement of the areas and some careful planning, so it allows people to focus on one area rather than what else is around them.


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