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Disturbing Google Street Views

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 7:40 pm

1.Before or After?

Was this guy off to shoot someone? Or had he already done the dirty deed. One wonders what Google street images do in a case of a gun wielding maniac, but you would guess it would involve filming the next part at high speed just to get away from him.

2.Just Around The Corner

Just think a street or two away from you there could be a massive bear. The worst part of this Google street view image is that these two guys don't look all that much in charge, so you are just glad that it is a stuffed animal or this image would have been completely different.

3.Peeing In Public

When you have to go you have to go. Really though? In a shop doorway with your pants near down to your knees. This disturbing image of a guy getting relief is purely shocking, even the clown banner looks suitably surprised.

4.Is she?

Is this girl actually dead or not? This is the kind of image that Google must have hated coming across and now that it is all over the Internet you just know that life has been made a lot worse for them. Are we looking at somebody playing a joke? Is it too late for a joke?

5.What The Heck?

Some Google images can haunt you for days. This street view captures a man doing what? One also wonders what happens to the poor pooch laying on the ground? It takes all sorts to make a Google street view disturbing.

6.Bad Idea

It is probably never a good idea to pick your nose in public. You never know who is watching. Mind you it is probably never a good idea to pick your nose at all, but it just makes it a lot worse when Google is going past and is wanting to film you doing it.

7.Sad Images

Sometimes Google street views capture sad moments, like this poor chap who simply collapsed. Onlookers look shocked and dismayed. The image was later removed from Google street views, but not before it was saved for posterity on the Internet elsewhere.


8.Strange Bird People

One has to ask, who are these people? Is this some strange clan we don't know about. Why are they all in rows and who are they waiting for? Google street images sure capture the oddest moments, but can you think of anything stranger than this?

9.Half Cat

This little fellow is quite well known as the Google cat. No one could work out if this was just a crazy angle or this was in fact half a cat. We will never know as he ran away, on all two legs presumably.


10.Eyes On You

Never forget that Google Street View is watching you. That means remembering to put on your trousers on in the morning for one although you get a sneaky feeling that she would not be too concerned about being seen like this.


On a gloomy night this image could look quite disturbing. During daylight this Google street view looks strange. What is the story behind it all? A sculpture annoyed at his Art? There are so many questions to be asked with this.


12.Cat Fight

This shocking image shows two women in a cat fight. Ladies! Not very becoming at all. Google street views certainly picks up some interesting images and you do wonder what then happened later on after the car had left the area.

13.An Alien

This disturbing street view shows an alien sitting on the side walk all alone. Is this ET? It certainly looks like him with those extra long fingers. Either way we are glad he did phone home although with this image it does look as if he is on his holidays.


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