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Extinct Animals That Science Could Bring Back From The Dead

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 6:55 pm

1.Wooly Mammoth

This is the one that people have been continually going on about because we do seem to have some kind of a fascination with this giant wooly elephant. We do have frozen carcasses from the likes of Siberia to work on and the DNA has certainly been preserved to a certain extent, so in all honesty this one should be quite straightforward.

2.Passenger Pigeon

This bird has been extinct for quite some time, but they played a key role in the development of forests on the eastern side of North America. We do have some remains, if you want to call them that, and it should be possible to extract DNA from them.

3.Steller's Sea Cow

This has been extinct since 1768, so why bother bringing it back to life? It is the fact that there was once this huge creature and its bones get washed up on our shores even today, so with their bones being so well preserved it is entirely possible to bring them back to life via their DNA.

4.Huia Bird

This bird in New Zealand was hunted to extinction by Europeans, but there were still some examples kept and preserved for private collections, so it does allow us to dream about bringing it back to life at some point. They know what to do and how to do it, so it will be interesting to see if it does indeed happen.

5.Carolina Parakeet

This parakeet was unusual in that it was in the eastern part of the US. They have managed to extract the DNA from examples that were left in collections as well as from their eggs, so the chances of them being able to successfully clone them is certainly on the high side.

6.Irish Elk

The only problem with trying to bring this back to life is finding another member of the deer family that could act as a surrogate mother due to the sheer size of this elk. If they manage to solve this problem, then funnily enough the science behind it should be a bit easier, so get thinking of an animal and help them out.

7.Dusky Seaside Sparrow

This bird became extinct thanks to NASA, so it would seem quite apt if they put in the money to allow scientists to actually bring them back to life. This should be quite easy because the last one that died had its heart and lungs removed to allow them to then clone it later on.



This type of European cattle has been extinct for almost 400 years, so the idea of bringing it back to life may seem a bit strange to some people. However, we do have bones and they are looking at extracting the DNA from those bones to then make it a reality.


This animal is the one that everybody thinks of when it comes to those that have become extinct. The very idea of it coming back to life is certainly intriguing because we have seen drawings, and some stuffed ones, so to have it walking around would be mind blowing.



This is a giant bird like an emu or an ostrich and there is no doubt that we should be able to bring this one back to life with just a little bit of effort. We are lucky in that DNA can be preserved for quite some time in remains, so perhaps there could be another giant bird roaming around at some point.


This is the Tasmanian tiger and it was basically hunted to extinction. However, some remains had been preserved and scientists were able to get enough DNA to do some experiments which have led to them being able to get a mouse to replicate some of the movements of this animal.

12.Gastric brooding frogs

This frog was only discovered in 1972 and declared extinct in 1983, so we know very little about it other than it gave birth via its mouth. Scientists have actually managed to create some from DNA, but they are still working on getting them to reproduce on their own in order to fully bring the species back.


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