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Foods That Are Going Extinct Thanks To Climate Change

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 4:37 pm


Rice needs some pretty precise conditions to grow, so imagine what it will be like if changes to the climate ruin those conditions. They say that there were thousands of varieties in the Philippines for example, but now around 15% of them survive and that is pretty alarming.


Wheat forms the basis of so many things that we eat, so surely we should be concerned when you find out that the vast majority of types of wheat that used to be available to us have died through changes in the climate. Imagine the knock-on effect if that is allowed to continue to happen.

3.Fruit and vegetables

OK so not all fruit and vegetables will end up being extinct, but it is already estimated that thanks to climate change more than 90% of the types that were in existence have now gone and that is scary. How it will end up is something that we cannot tell, but we may end up being rather more limited in what is available to us.


The problem with peanuts is that the plant itself is going to suffer from changes in the environment as it does need certain conditions to grow or it can become quite temperamental and die before your very eyes. How would you feel if there were no more peanuts in the world? How sad would that be?


Cod is under pressure due to it being over fished, but also changes in the water itself leading to them not being able to grow to the same extent and they could actually become extinct. The problem here is that it is one of the most popular types of fish and could you imagine fish and chips without it?


This would be right up there with chocolate as the one thing that you would miss the most and of course the reason why coffee may pose a problem is because of pressure being put on growing the coffee bean itself due to changes in the environment. If it gets too hot, then crops can fail and production slows until potentially there is no coffee left.


OK so this is actually a drink, but tequila could become a thing of the past due to the way in which changes to the environment are hitting the agave plant. Of course you need this plant in order to make it, and without it you have no tequila, so think about that the next time you drink some.


8.Maple Syrup

With maple syrup the issue here is that the maple tree is having a lot of problems thanks to climate change, and if that happens then you know that your favorite syrup is going to also run into a few issues. What happens here is that acid rain and disease is taking its toll, but if we change the environment, then that will stop.


The problem with honey is you need both flowers and bees to work together, but changes in the plant life coinciding with changes to bees and indeed a number of them dying out does mean that there could be a problem with honey. We would then need to look at some artificial ways of making it, but that is just not the same.


10.Pasta from Italy

The reason why this is includes is because thanks to climate change it is anticipated that the amount of wheat produced in Italy for the sake of making pasta will drop and will eventually stop. If you are lacking the main ingredient, then how are you supposed to make it in the first place?


The problem with salmon is that they need water between certain temperatures in order to breed and live, but if the temperature of the water goes up, then it stands to reason that there will be a lot of problems with salmon and it may indeed become extinct. We need to take action to stop this.



Imagine the problems that would arise if chocolate became extinct. How would the world actually cope with all of that hassle and upheaval if there was no more chocolate out there? This is of course due to problems with the continuing success of the cacao bean thanks to climate change, so if this is not enough to convince you there is a problem, then lord help us.


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