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Foods That Cause Headache

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 2:59 pm

1.Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame is one of the worst sugar substitutes you can eat. Not only has it been found to cause cancer, but it can trigger headaches and migraines. Sugar free yogurts, protein bars, candies, dressings, cereals and desserts may all contain some form of artificial sweetener. Read your labels, and be sure to avoid.

2.Dried Fruits

Sulfites are abundant in dried fruits, and while you think you are eating something healthy, you may end up with a headache. Dried apricots, figs, and prunes are the biggest offenders, and the sugar content can cause a huge crash, resulting in a double whammy headache. Dried fruit sugar is a high glycemic sugar that causes a sharp spike in blood sugar and then the subsequent low.

3.Red Skinned Fruit

Tannins in red skinned fruits can cause headaches. The compound is known for giving fruit their astringent or dry taste that causes your mouth to pucker, and for those sensitive to tannins, a headache. Apples, pears, apple juice, apple cider and red wine, all contain tannins, so next time you get a headache see if you can trace it back to one of these.


There's that tyramine again. Not only found in aged cheeses and banana peels, it is found in leftovers. Unrefrigerated leftovers are the biggest culprit and the longer they sit the more tyramine they create. Best to avoid leftovers if you are sensitive to tyramine, or at least keep them refrigerated and throw them out after a day.


The same reason applies to chocolate as coffee. Chocolate contains caffeine and at small doses is okay but eating it on a steady basis can cause headache. Chocolate also contains sugar, which can cause a sugar crash headache soon after eating it. The best bet is a dark chocolate of 85% cocoa and a cube or two at most.


While they say that caffeine is in some medications to relieve a headache, too much caffeine consumption in a day can actually cause a headache. People can also suffer from caffeine withdrawal which can cause headaches, if they miss their coffee in the morning. The best bet is to drink it occasionally and not on a steady basis.


By now we all know that MSG causes headaches, among other ailments. Hugely found in Chinese food, we have all been asking for no MSG for years, but did you know that this sneaky little food additive can be found in chips like Doritos, or other snacks and frozen foods? Check the labels.



A banana peel contains ten times more tyramine than found in aged cheese. We just told you about how some of you may be sensitive to tyramine and now that you know it's in the banana peel, that might a hidden source you never thought of. Sure, you don't eat the peel, but those stringy remains of the peel that sometimes stick to your banana can be the cause of your headache.

9.Processed Meats

Blood vessels dilate from nitrates and nitrites, triggering headaches and migraines. Guess what is loaded with these two food additives? Hot dogs, sausages, cold cuts, and any other processed meat you can think of. Any of these foods may be the cause of your headache. If you must eat them, look for brands that do not contain either of these.


10.Ice Cream

It's not the ice cream, per se, but the cold. Brain freeze that comes from eating or drinking an ice cold food or beverage, is common and lasts only minutes, but for those who suffer from headaches, this can trigger a much longer lasting headache, or worse yet, a migraine.

11.Aged Cheese

Aged cheese is high in the substance tyramine, which can cause headaches in people sensitive to it. It forms as the protein breaks down in the cheese and the longer it ages the more tyramine is produced. Blue cheese, brie, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, swiss, muenster, parmesan and any processed cheesees are the biggest offenders.


12.Red Wine

Sulfites in red wine can cause headaches, especially if you are prone to them. Any kind of alcohol increases blood flow to the brain, but even though you are drinking you can become dehydrated. Add sulfites to the equation and you might end up with a pretty bad headache, or migraine.


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