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Hilarious Pinterest Fails

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:47 am

1.Sesame Street Cake Pops Fail

These Sesame Street Cake pops were a miserable fail. They look nothing like the pops on Pinterest, that show Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar The Grouch, and the Cookie Monster, in intricate detail. Instead, we've got red blobs with eyes, that we can only guess were intended to be Elmo pops.

2.Candy Corn Nails Fail

Ooooh, candy corn nails. What a great idea for the Halloween season. However, not so great, when someone tried it and it came out like the picture on the left. Often, without the proper tools, it's hard to recreate some of the things we see on Pinterest as nicely as the picture portray them.

3.Pepper Egg Cups fail

This great idea for breakfast shows us sliced peppers with eggs cooked inside. It looks like a spectacular taste sensation. However, when someone tried it, the eggs appear to have slid under the peppers and did not create the same neat little package that we saw on Pinterest. Looks like something went awry.

4.Rainbow Cake Fail

This rainbow cake depicted on FaceBook looks absolutely fabulous. Different colored layers with frosting in between each layer, and then covered in a smooth white frosting with some sprinkles on top. Not so easy when the layers just don't want to stay put. This other layer cake looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

5.Origami fail

Origami can be hard, but once you master it, you can make some pretty cool things. In this Pinterest post there is a black Nazgul Origami, that is pretty intricate with detail. Someone tried to replicate it with white paper, and all you can really make out is a horse with something on it.

6.Sour Patch Birthday Cake fail

This is a cool idea for a kids' party, or any Sour Patch Kids lover. In the Pinterest picture the cake almost looks like a real box of the candy, with the little sour patch kids falling out, but in the picture posted by someone who tried it, well, the results was a lot different.

7.Cake Pop Fail

It appears that this cake pop project filed miserably. The pops are supposed to look like little chicks, instead this one looks like a yellow blob that's burst open. Sometimes Pinterest projects seem easier than you'd imagine. It usually requires some trial and error, until you get the hang of it.


8.Bunny Roll Fail

These cute little bunny rolls look like a great idea for Easter, or any time. Seems pretty straight forward. You just snip into the biscuits to make the ears and puncture them with little holes to make eyes and a nose. Well, the resulting baked biscuits are not really as pretty as it seemed they would be.

9.Cookie Cup Fail

We see these cookie cup ideas a lot on Pinterest. You turn a cupcake tin upside down and place your batter over the pre-greased cups. Somehow it looks a lot better in the Pinterest photo than in the real life photo that someone posted. It seems that the batter ran all over the pan.


10.Snail Fail

This looks like a really delicious idea. Buttercream emerging from a chocolate and swirled with marshmallow to give the appearance of a snail. Looks simple enough. Well, someone tried it and posted their results, and well, it must have been harder than it looked, because this really doesn't appear to be a snail.

11.Family Photo Fail

The picture of the three kids on Pinterest looks absolutely beautiful. Anyone with three kids would love to copy the idea and maybe use it as a Christmas card, or just put it in a frame. This parent tried the idea with her three children, but the result was as pretty as what was shown on Pinterest.


12.Nail Fail

With so many great ideas on Pinterest, you're bound to give one a try. It all looks so easy and the results are perfect. Well, this girl found out the hard way that it's not as easy as it looks. She was going for that cool marble nail polish look that's floating around Pinterest, but look at how hers turned out.


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