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Hilarious Sports Fails

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 8:07 pm

1.Face ball

Beach volleyball is quite cool as you get to dive around in the sand all day without hurting yourself. However, some people love a bit of pain and that must be why this guy has decided to use his face in order to try to win the point. It must be the angle, but it does appear as if his face is the exact same size as the ball, but at least he is willing to try everything to win.

2.For the bedroom

There has to be a time and a place for certain things and on the football field is neither the time nor the place for this. It is difficult to even imagine what was leading up to this snap being taken and you also wonder if they ended up being friends after it as well and if they ever spoke about this incident that has now been shown all over the Internet.

3.Armpit lick

OK Yao Ming was a huge star, but surely as an opponent there is a time and a place to get close to him and this is not one of those times. He does appear to be having a very good lick there, but you just know it is not going to taste nice with a bit of sweat and all kinds of things in there that should really be avoided. Is it not best just to shake his hand and ask for an autograph instead?

4.Tap out!!

If you love wrestling, then this is a move that really should lead to your opponent tapping out. The problem is that it should be the guy in the red doing the tapping as the one in the blue has used the very rare and dangerous "stick your head up his butt" move. Lets face it, would you not tap out if a guy did this to you?

5.Face plant

The move that this guy is trying to do is a mystery, but somebody has to tell him that you do not head the ball in this way as you need to be standing in a more upright position rather and with the ball in the air rather than when it is just rolling along the ground. The funny part is how straight the rest of his body is in this shot and the slight look of determination on his face that he will burrow his head into the ground.

6.The foot!!

The thing that makes this picture has to be her face and even the thought of it being part of the routine, and why doing this face would be part of it is a mystery, does not put you off laughing at it. You really can imagine that perhaps somebody has pushed a little bit too hard with the foot and she is showing her displeasure, or surprise, resulting in this fail.

7.Head it!!

This guy is going to have to learn how to head the ball as he will be able to get it further than he will ever be able to do by simply using his face. The best part is the way that both him and the ball become deformed when it is snapped at this point, but is it his face deforming the ball or the other way around? No matter the right answer it does look rather painful.


8.The back slide

The look on her face is priceless as she knows that the idea of her lifting him and twirling him around has gone completely wrong. He must now be regretting the entire thing after having his back slammed into the ice as this pose does remind you of various wrestling moves that never end well for one person. The chances of them getting a perfect 6.0 have vanished immediately.

9.Ball 1 & 2

This would surely count as both ball one and two when you see what is going on and it would have been fun to have seen a GIF of it showing the immediate aftermath as well. You just know that he is going to crumble before our very eyes and every guy in the world will share his pain and discomfort and salute his bravery as he is led off the field to try and locate them in his body again.


10.Well caught!

The catcher is of course a position for a tough guy, but surely this shows how tough they are when he has decided against using his glove to catch the ball, but instead has decided to use his mouth. Nevermind the guy scoring behind him as the real action is going to be at his dentist the following day as he gets his newly smashed up mouth repaired.

11.Run Forrest!!

You have to feel sorry for this guy as he has clearly had a major issue and is now just trying his best to get to the toilet as quickly as possible. As if the shame of it happening in a race was not enough he now has to endure it appearing all over the Internet like this to allow us to look at his misfortune and be grateful that it was not us.


12.The head dive

Diving is a difficult sport as the margins for error are so small. This has led to new and intricate dives being created in order to just make that difference between first and second, but this woman has tried something never seen before. The balance on the edge of the board with your head dive and you have to admire the strength in the rest of her body to hold herself in that position.

13.On the head!

Volleyball is fast and athletic and you see team mates celebrating together when they win a point never mind a game. However, somebody should tell this guy to stop trying to breakdance in the middle of a match as he appears to have just spontaneously decided to get his groove on and going for the difficult head in the court move.

14.Use your hands!

This guy must be confident of winning gold if he uses the conventional method of lifting the weights, so instead he has resorted to using his neck. However, in all honesty he does not appear to be doing very well and somebody should also tell him that it will probably be against the rules using this method. Full marks for trying though even if you are a failure.

15.Run under it!

If you are going to do the steeplechase, then make sure that you realize it involves jumping over the barrier and not trying to limbo under it. However, even with the limbo part they have failed and instead have resorted in trying to push it over with their face without much success.


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