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Hilarious And Honest Notes From Kids

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020, 9:56 am

1.Not really an apology

Well this is not really an apology is it because you know that there is absolutely no meaning whatsoever in there. In actual fact it even turns a bit sinister with the sarcasm by the end and surely a second letter followed this one after an adult read it.

2.Very harsh indeed

Well this child is certainly being a bit too honest at the end of their note and they were doing so well even up to the drawing, which does show a rotund belly. Of course this is all due to the fact that children never know when to stop in order to avoid getting into trouble and calling somebody fat is certainly one of those moments.

3.Just wow

This note seems completely innocent right up until the very end and even though it does not intend to be hilarious they do end up making you smile and laugh. What this shows is that with notes from kids it is always best to pay attention to the details.


Well Norma is certainly very inquisitive and when you stop and think about it she does seem to have a point after all. The giraffe is so different to anything else out there, so why not go ahead and ask God what he was playing at.

5.Some useful advice

Well this is some very useful advice from a very clever kid and at least they are just trying to help their teacher out here. However, would you take some pooping advice from a child? On second thoughts they do seem to do it a lot, so perhaps it is a good idea.

6.Your what in a where?

Wow wait a minute here does that say what we think it says? Yep it does and this kid needs to be taught a few valuable lessons in life if they think that this kind of thing goes on.

7.You better watch your back

What this note tells you is that you need to watch your back with Scott around because he is lining up to shoot you. This must be the only example of a child assassin that sends out warnings before carrying out the act.


8.Nice way to meet them

Well that is certainly a nice way to make a new friend by running up and kicking them in the face. Kids need to learn from an early age that a handshake is more than enough and that nowhere in the world is kicking them seen as a welcome.

9.That's it scare Santa

Well this child just comes across as being evil because they are talking about there being consequences if they do not get their pony this year. You can only start to imagine what is going through their mind at this moment in time, but perhaps it is best that we do not know.


10.Scary person

Well this note is certainly quite chilling because of the single fact that they have mentioned hiring assassins to start off with. You will now picture Catherine as sitting there like a Bond villain.

11.A freeloading child?

Well the thing about this child is that at least they are being quite open and honest about the fact that they are a freeloader. How many children out there will admit to this so early on in their life?


12.No long term relationship

Well this girl has tried to make him feel better after initially saying no to his request for her to be his girlfriend. However, it does mean that she is not that hopeful about her current relationship when she is predicting that it will only be a month or two until they are together.

13.Doing so well

This kid was doing so well right up until the very last minute when they appear to have called their mom a cow. That is certainly going to result in a few heads being turned by just one single word and you can just hear the groans from the person that typed out the rest of it.

14.Talk about being grateful

Well Brendan is clearly being quite grateful for his food, but is he not also being a bit dramatic with the way he has worded it. You just get this vision of him being chained to the bed and being fed bread and given some water for weeks on end until some real food is delivered.

15.So sad

What this shows is a child that is trying to be far too clever for their own good and try to make their parents feel bad. Will it work? No chance. Will they believe that? No chance of that either.

16.Tell it like it is

Well the thing about this child is that they are just telling it like it is even though it is going to make their dad feel bad. They do not understand the art of being subtle with what you say leading to this absolutely hilarious note.

17.A bit harsh

Well this on the one hand says a lot about the love they have for their mom, but on the other hand it also shows that there is a violent streak in there as well. You just get this image of a vigilante Brooke running around looking for this one mom.

18.A pleading letter

Well Annisa is just trying to put her feelings down on paper and she is clearly disappointed in the tooth fairy and the fact that they have not bothered to make an appearance. Now she is telling the tooth fairy how she is hard up and that needs to change, so hopefully the note did the job.

19.Not happy

Well Joyce is clearly not that impressed with her baby brother and now God is in her bad books. She would probably be more than happy to trade in her brother if she was going to get a puppy, but then a puppy is cute.

20.Are you sorry or not?

Well there is so much going on in this note that your head feels as if it is going to spin around and fall off. So lets, work this out he is sorry for not being sorry even though he was told to be sorry leading to this note to say sorry.

21.Well who did?

Well this kid has certainly gone into a mood over being wrongly accused of farting and who can blame them. However, running away seems a bit harsh considering there must have been times where they did fart and got away with it.

22.A fair point

Well this kid obviously has their head screwed on the right way because it is true that if the dinosaurs were not extinct life would be so much different. You do wonder what compelled them to go and write this note about it though.

23.A strange confession

This child obviously has a certain idea of how to get some revenge on this dog, but surely they have managed to go and take it to an absolute extreme? The mental image that will now have popped into your mind is going to be far too much for you to take.

24.Straight to the point

Well you have to admire this child for being brutally honest and getting straight to the point with their feelings towards Mrs McMahon. Hey at least she knows where she stands and you wonder what they would say if they were seen as being a bad teacher.


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