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How To Stay Warm In Winter

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 1:47 pm

1.Wear Pajamas With Built In Hood and Feet

Pajamas that are equipped with both a hood and feet are a great choice on the coldest of days. Not only are they comfortable to sleep in, but they are great for lounging around. Keeping your head warm, keeps the heat in your body, and the same goes for your feet.

2.Wear a Scarf

Keeping your neck warm is one of the best ways to avoid coming down with a cold on a wintery day. A scarf keeps your body heat temperate, while protecting your chest from the cold. And, they make a fashion statement, with so many styles and textures to choose from.

3.Close Vents in Unused Rooms

If you have unused, or hardly used, rooms in your home, it is a good idea to close the vents in those rooms. This allows more heat to be pumped into the rooms you use most, resulting in more heat and less money. Why heat a room that you won't be in?

4.Wear Ear Muffs With Built In Speakers

Ear muffs used to be considered geeky, but they've made a comeback in recent years. This year they are even considered cool, with built in ear phones, you can listen to music on your phone, or mp3 player, and even talk on the phone, without having to take off your ear muffs.

5.Cuddle Up Under Blankets

Snuggly warm blankets are a must in the winter. When you're lounging on the couch, or even in bed, warm knit or wool blankets provide a cozy warmth, making your relaxation even better. The warmer you are, the cozier you'll feel, and it will keep your immune system happy, too.

6.Have Some Soup

A hearty soup on a cold day warms the body and soul. Whether you make it from scratch, open a can, or order it out, soup is a great idea to warm you on the inside. With so many varieties out there, the choices are endless, and you can enjoy soup every day of a winter long cold spell.

7.Plug Up Drafts

Even though your home may be air tight, there are still some places where cold drafts can sneak in. Under doors and windows is where most of the heat in your home escapes, and where cold enters. Investing in a draft protector is a great idea, and if you can find a cute one like this dog, even better. It serves as a decoration while keeping your home warmer.


8.Open Shades On Sunny Side Of House

Every house has a sunny side during certain part of the day, and if you're lucky most of the day. Open the shades and let that sun shine in, to heat up your home. Close shades on the darker side of the home, and swap it around, if the sun goes from one side of the house to the other. A natural way to warm your house.

9.Light A Fire

Nothing is more inviting than a hot, crackling fire on a blustery cold day. A fire also provides instant warmth and a glow throughout the house, not to mention the delicious smell of wood burning. A great way to gather family and friends, and make the best of the cold outside.


10.Wear A Hat

Scientific evidence states that most of our body heat, escapes through our heads. That's why your mother always told you to wear your hat. If you really want to keep warm, it is the one most important piece of clothing you can wear. Any type of hat will do the trick, but the more robust, knit and furry, thicker hats are best.

11.Wear Thick Socks

Thick socks are great inside the house or out. Wearing a nice and comfy thick pair of socks that go up to the knee, are great to wear around the house on a cold day, or night. And in boots, or shoes, they insulate you from the cold weather outside.


12.Drink Warm Fluids

Warm drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are all great on a cold day. They warm you from the inside out. As you sip on your warm beverage you can feel your bones getting warmer, as it takes the shiver out of your day. Anytime you're feeling cold, reach for something warm to drink.


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