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How Our World Appears To A Bird

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 8:09 am

1.Rio de Janeiro

There are a number of areas of Rio that are instantly recognizable, but this angle does give you a completely different way of looking at it. You see how buildings cling to the hillside and the beach just hits you hard in the face, but would you know it was Rio?

2.Male, Maldives

You have seen an island in the Maldives, well this is what the main urban area looks like. How on earth have they got all of this on such a small island is an absolute mystery.

3.Mangroves, New Caledonia

This is seriously cool because all you get is this heart shaped clearing in the middle of the forest and just think about how amazed you would be if you flew over this yourself. It is fair to say that, at times, birds have the best view.

4.Niagara Falls

The amazing thing about this image is that it does make Niagara Falls look even more spectacular than they already are and that is something that you never thought would be possible. It shows you how huge they are and should make you want to go there even more.

5.San Francisco

The thing about San Francisco is that it seems to all be about lines. It looks as if it is far too regulated with houses the same size in rows the same size and major roads the same width apart. It really does give you a different point of view.

6.Tulip fields, Netherlands

How about this for a splash of color? This image shows tulip fields in the Netherlands and it actually looks more like a patchwork quilt rather than anything else.


This image is interesting as it shows the difference between first world and third world cities. Here in Somalia everything is more spread out and there are bare patches whereas in the first world it is more like a concrete jungle.


8.Cape Town

Cape Town is a gorgeous city and this beauty even comes across in this particular image. Here you can see almost everything that the city has to offer and of course Table Mountain really does stand out in the back.

9.The Maldives

This is an island in the Maldives and it really does look as if it is from another planet. It shows the way that the water just changes as it suddenly gets deeper and the white sand is also highlighted beautifully in this image.



This is a beautiful city in Italy, but it is that main avenue that seems to just dominate this image. In all honesty you would have no idea that this was Turin as it could be any city in Europe with the way it is laid out.


The strange thing about this image is that it just comes across as being cold. It is also strange how there is just that one area where skyscrapers dominate and everything else is relatively flat.



Venice is a beautiful city and of course it is very well known for its canals. These canals are really highlighted in this image and it should give you a new found admiration for the city in general.

13.Mexico City

What this image shows is just how undulating the city of Mexico City actually is and this is something that you largely forget about when you are on the ground. It just seems to roll over the hills and just goes on and on for miles.


We bet that you have never thought of Amsterdam looking this have you? The way that it has been laid out is quite remarkable and it looks like the Pentagon, but as a city.


The part that gets you with this image of Shanghai is the way in which you seem to get blocks of skyscrapers with big gaps in between. The city just seems strange from this angle, but it does show you how crowded it is.


This is a wonderful image of Vancouver and it just lets you see how many buildings are crammed into that one space. It also gives you an idea of the views that exist in the city and it is no wonder it is so popular.

17.Vatican City

The coolest thing about this image is that it basically gets all of the Vatican in the one shot. It does show you all of the important buildings and it just brings it home that it really is in the middle of Rome.


Birds really do get a better idea of the layout of the Pyramids at Giza than we do on the ground as you can see in this image. It lets you see so many marks in the ground that we could simply just walk over as well as showing how close Cairo has got to it.


Bern in Switzerland is a rather cool city and this image just shows how it is defined by the river that runs around it. Yes there are bridges to take you to various parts, but overall this is one cool image.


This is a cool image as it shows you what it is like when a town is completely surrounded by old city walls. This is in Germany and it gives you an idea as to what life used to be like in so many cities several hundreds of years ago.


The most striking feature in this image is the way that all of those roads lead to the Arc d'Triomphe and it just feels as if it is the focal point of the city. It also lets you see that Paris really is massive.


This one is very easy to spot due to the man made islands that exist off the coast. If it was not for them you would be left wondering where in the Middle East you were looking at, so at least the birds get an amazing view.

23.New York City

The thing that strikes you about this image is just how uniform everything is in New York. We may have already been partly aware of this, but seeing it from this perspective really makes it hit home hard.


This is how a bird would view the ancient city of Athens and as you can see the Acropolis is instantly recognizable. It just lets you see the sheer size of everything when you are looking at it from a different angle.


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