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How Products Are Marketed In Today's Generation

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:44 pm

1.Cars are no exception

Cars have always tended to be surrounded by models in the last few decades and the entire idea is to make them look more appealing and sexy. However, surely it is the car itself that should be appealing and sexy because it's not as if you are going to drive her along the road.

2.It's for a motorcycle

Yes now you see what happens here is that if you buy this motorcycle, then you have to drive around it in your bikini. Well that seems to be the message that the advert is putting across anyway, so perhaps it is not as clear cut as that?

3.Yep a sexy Santa always works

What this shows is that even when we are dealing with promoting products around Christmas that nothing is sacred. It used to be that a Santa outfit was only used on a fat old man, but now they have sexualized it whenever possible resulting in products being promoted like this.

4.This is for a shower

In days gone by an advert for a shower would have shown the shower on its own and how well it works. However, times have changed and we now have a situation such as this one where they have to include two naked models messing around with it.

5.Models yet again

This is for Abercrombie & Fitch and of course they are only going to use a gorgeous model considering their own company basically said they would not serve ugly people. That tells you all you need to know about the company itself.

6.This is for a magazine?

The surprising thing here is that this is just for a magazine, but of course it is aimed at men, so a cute butt has to be included. What happened to the days of just showing the magazine so that people could recognize it?


Clothing lines always end up using quite provocative poses in order to sell their goods and you do have to question their approach at times. They always try to make the entire thing alluring when in actual fact they are just trying to sell a top.


8.Perfume is always sexy

Why is it that perfume always has to be sold in an erotic fashion? You always feel as if you need to be beautiful in order to wear it since they only ever show beautiful people.

9.This is for headphones

You might not believe it, but this is how headphones are now being promoted and there is just no real link between this and headphones apart from the fact they are wearing them. So what message are they putting across? Buy them and get the girl?


10.Draw your attention

You see most people would have just expected this necklace to be sitting on a table, but instead the person that made it has decided to use a woman with big breasts. How that ends up changing the sales is unknown.

11.sexual positions?

The problem here is that this outfit never really existed a few decades ago, but they still go for the hot model and some close up angle shots in order to sell it. Of course it comes down to the individual and how their mind interprets things.


12.Is it that easy?

You have to stop and think about what this advert is actually saying and can you imagine them getting away with it even just a couple of decades ago? Surely it is just putting across the wrong image?


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