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How To Pass An Interview

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 7:06 pm

1.Thank You

Send a thank you note after the interview. You could summarize briefly why you were keen to have the job in your thank you note. If time is short you can also email the company a thank you email outlining the above.

2.Get A Map

The day before your interview find out where it is you need to go. Drive there or bus there depending on how you plan to get there on the day of the interview. This ensures you arrive on time and takes being lost as a stress factor out of the picture.


Time is precious particularly in business so always thank your interviewer for theirs. It shows you have a healthy respect and mutual respect for time. Make sure you arrive a little early for your interview, ten minutes is normally a good indicator that you are reliable.

4.Resume Short and Sweet

Have a one or two page resume ready. Possibly they have your resume but to appear efficient have another just in case. If you have any achievement papers or references have these ready too.


Bring a notepad and pen with you. You can jot down important points to think about later as well as to keep you on track. However, do not bury your head in the notebook. It is a fine line between being keen and looking as if you are more intent on writing a book.

6.Practice Beforehand

You will be asked questions, plus they will want you to ask questions too. Consider the things you want to ask beforehand. You can even role play with a friend before the interview. Never ask what the hours of work are, nor ask what they are offering salary wise. You will have plenty of time to do that when they are interested in you.

7.Do Research

Find out about the company beforehand. Understand their mission statement if possible, find out the basic structure and also what type of people they look for. You can mention some of these factors at the interview it shows you are serious about them. So they in turn will be serious about you.



Look confident. This means watching your posture at all times as well as your voice tone. Don't fidget or fiddle with your clothing as this is going to give a bad impression.


Offer a handshake and a smile when greeting your interviewer. Use that persons name when meeting them and come across as being nice and friendly even if you are seriously nervous.


10.Small Briefcase

Have all your paperwork handy. This includes your identity documents and other paperwork you might be asked for including resume. A small brief case will work well with filed papers that are easy to get to. Fumbling doesn't look good at an interview.

11.The Reception

Be aware that from the moment you walk into the place of interview you could be 'on show'. This means greeting the receptionist politely and smiling, as well as any other people who wander in. At times companies know when it is interviewing and current employees come and take a look.


12.Dress the Part

Dress the part. Depending on the type of job you are after you need to 'look' the part. In general though smart clothes normally equal suites for both males and females in muted colors. Make sure you are comfortable though as tight uncomfortable clothes will just make you feel less confident.


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