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In-N-Out Secret Menu Items

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:20 am

1.Animal style

Well this sounds interesting and in all honesty it is. This is a burger that is covered in mustard before it is cooked and is then accompanied by onions, salad, and pickles. Yes so it may be quite a lot of flavors, but they work well together and you will surely love it.

2.Cheese fries

Come on surely everybody loves cheese fries and yes they are secretly available here as well. It really does not require any further explanation as it is indeed just fries and cheese and what could possibly go wrong there?

3.Extra toast

If you are thinking that you get a slice of toast with this one, then think again. Basically, it is the usual burger, but the only difference is that the bun is left on the grill for a little bit longer in order to make it nice and crispy and it does make a difference to the taste.

4.3 by meat

Well this is certainly a big burger because with this one you get three different burgers alongside your own choice of vegetables and even sauces. However, there is no cheese with this burger, so at least it is fine if you are lactose intolerant.

5.Flying Dutchman

Well if we are going just by name alone, then this is a rather interesting item to buy. What you get is basically two burgers along with two slices of cheese and nothing else. Yep you read that right you do not get any salad and there is also no bun so what is the Dutchman up to?

6.Chopped chilies

Basically all this means is that you can get some chopped jalapenos in any order that you like in order to get that bit of a kick to your meal. Do watch out as they can be on the hot side, so prepare yourself for a bit of a blast.

7.2 x 4

This is rather tasty as it involves two burgers and four slices of cheese and you just know that your taste buds are going to go absolutely crazy at that. Admit want one right now don't you?


8.100 x 100 burger

Yes this is as big as it sounds and you need to have one hell of an appetite in order to eat it. This involves 100 burgers and 100 slices of cheese and there is just no chance that you will eat it all yourself.

9.Mustard grilled patty

This involves them doing something a bit different before cooking the burger because it ends up being covered in mustard. It can be quite overpowering, but if you do not mind the taste of mustard it may very well be something that you want to try.


10.Neapolitan shake

The problem with having a shake is that you often have no idea which one to choose, so the best thing to do is to go ahead and get every single one. That is what happens with this Neapolitan shake as you get a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all together.

11.Protein style

Do you get fed up of the bun with a burger? Well there is an alternative here as you can get the bun replaced by lettuce, so at least you feel slightly better about your health with missing out the bit with flour, but still go for the huge pile of fries.


12.Animal style fries

This is basically fries accompanied by pickles, onions, and cheese and yes it does taste a lot better than it perhaps sounds at this moment in time. It just helps to spice up fries as they can often be quite boring and it is certainly well worth giving them a go.


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