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Insane Neck Tattoos

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 8:59 am

1.Glow in the dark

In some ways this tattoo is cool since it glows in the dark, but then you need to question why you would get something that only looks better in certain light in the first place. There is also the question as to what on earth is going on in it because it just looks like random lines.

2.What the....

This is one of those tattoos where you just question the sanity of the person and what they have had done here. This is the kind of thing that should keep children away from you and where do you even begin to describe how freaky it looks?

3.A colorful peacock

Well this is certainly a tattoo that will make people smile until they start to question why you have decided to choose a peacock in the first place. What is the significance of it?

4.It looks like a scary doll

This tattoo really does look like a scary doll and clearly the roses are an attempt to balance things out and make it all nice again, but does it really work? That face is the scariest part in all of this and why does it have a bow tie?

5.A pile of??

You really do need to question what this is all about because it just looks like a pile of lines and not much else. Is there something digging there? Are they flames? Who knows??

6.The skull from nowhere

This skull tattoo is particularly freaky as the mouth part just comes across as pretty messed up as there appears to be pincers and everything going on in there. You also have to question what that part behind it is all about as well because that also does not make sense.


This is supposed to be a tattoo of Jesus, but it is not the best visual representation of him that you will have ever seen in your life. He looks slightly confused by it all, but then that just ties in with how we all feel about it.



This tattoo is a bit insane purely because of how plain and simple it is and that it just looks kind of lonely standing there behind the ear. You do have to question why the person decided on this in the first place because it just does not come across that well.


OK so this tattoo is brand new, but it still allows you to see what it looks like when it is finished and it does appear to focus on the whole skull thing. The teeth at the top are particularly scary and it is not exactly the kind of tattoo you can show your grandma.


10.A scary face

This face has eyes that just seem to haunt you and stare back at you and that is down to the skills of the tattoo artist. The blood on the face is a bit disconcerting, but even though it is a bit of an insane tattoo it is still pretty cool.

11.Fly like a butterfly

This appears to just be the top of a bigger tattoo, but you have to admire the artwork here because it really is a pretty cool butterfly. The blue behind it does help to just make it pop and it is no wonder that she is showing it off like this.


12.Ships ahoy!!

Well this is certainly a cool tattoo and boy does it take up a lot of space on his neck. The details on it are pretty good, but you do wonder what inspired him to get this particular piece of artwork in the first place.


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