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Insane Scarves

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:14 pm


This scarf does indeed promote the idea of road kill and that is certainly not going to be a topic that you would expect to have been brought up in this way. Leave the road kill alone!!

2.Too big

This type of scarf is the latest trend, but come on surely it just has too much material for a scarf and is, therefore, useless? Yes it may keep you warm, but it also covers almost your entire face and it just looks as if it could suffocate rather than anything else.

3.A looong cat

This cat scarf is some fun, but how often could you wrap this around your neck and still have the tail spare? This is a scarf on a giant scale and thankfully cats do not grow this big either or we would be in trouble.

4.A face tree?

The problem with this scarf if that it does look as if two different people have tried to come up with a design on their own and were so appalled by the other design that they believed they could improve it. The result is something that just looks a mess and it also does not even look that warm.


Cupcakes are all the rage right now, but you have to be honest in saying that they may not work too well when it comes to being turned into a scarf. The only thing you can say about this is that it is colorful enough.

6.The raccoon

The problem with this scarf is that is just seems a bit too life like to be any good and who would want to walk around with a dead raccoon wrapped around their shoulders anyway? This is one of those times where design has gone mad.

7.The camel

This is both wacky and a lot of fun at the same time, so the person wearing this must have a sense of humor and never mind about the actual drawing that is on the scarf. However, if you are upset about it do not worry as the camel would not bite even if you did have it against your body.


8.Crime scene

If you bought this scarf you would really need to question your own sanity. Why would you want to walk around with fake crime scene tape around your neck? At what point do you start to think that maybe it is a good idea to do that after all? Should you not just stop and think about what you are doing?


You get the feeling that this would be the perfect scarf for an artist because who else would appreciate having one in the shape of a pencil as much as them? The design is certainly a little bit wacky, but at the same time it is quite cool, so all is not lost.



This is a great example of a scarf that is slightly geeky in nature, but at the same time it is also a lot of fun. The actual size of the characters just seems to be too big, but hey if it keeps you warm what else do you want?

11.Bacon and eggs

Thankfully this scarf does not come with built-in smell vision or you would be in serious trouble every single time you put it on. You would just know that the bacon smell would destroy you from the inside out and you would want to take it off as soon as possible as a result.



This is a strange scarf because on the one hand it is mad, but on the other hand it is actually a stroke of genius. It has certainly given a number of woman a good laugh when they are trying it on, but how many would go out with it? 

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