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Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:55 pm

We humans, will never fail to impress each other. For us, nothing is impossible. We have technology; we build giant stuff, and we even landed on the moon. Nothing can stand in our way or stop us, not even a disease as complicated as Down syndrome. 
When there’s a desire burning deep under the walls of the heart, nothing can actually stop people from getting what they aspire to. 
When you break the silence, and start chasing your dreams, you too can achieve something great, like this young model with Down syndrome.
10.She Broke The Internet the Right Way

Madeline Stuart amazed the entire world with her makeover, modeling photographs, and even with her good intentions. She gained huge support from people all over the world. Over 150,000 fans liked her Facebook page and millions throughout the world have read her story. 

She Broke The Internet the Right Way-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

11.Madeline Wants to Hear You

Madeline Stuart has given her postal address on her Facebook page by public request. She is responding well to the comments made by people in her social media accounts. 

Madeline Wants to Hear You-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

12.She Made it Big Already

In no time, her photo was featured in the main edition of one of the Netherlands largest circulated daily newspapers. She is all set to do more wonders in the days to come.

She Made it Big Already-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

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