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Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:55 pm

We humans, will never fail to impress each other. For us, nothing is impossible. We have technology; we build giant stuff, and we even landed on the moon. Nothing can stand in our way or stop us, not even a disease as complicated as Down syndrome. 
When there’s a desire burning deep under the walls of the heart, nothing can actually stop people from getting what they aspire to. 
When you break the silence, and start chasing your dreams, you too can achieve something great, like this young model with Down syndrome.
7.The Many Avatars of Madeline Stuart

If you believe she is only into modeling, you are wrong! She loves swimming, dancing and cheerleading for her favorite teams. She plays cricket, basketball, and is even into gymnastics. Maddy loves doing cartwheels and handstands.

The Many Avatars of Madeline Stuart-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

8.Jamie Brewer is Her Inspiration

Madeline wants to follow the footsteps of Jamie Brewer, an American television actress with Down syndrome. Jamie is also the first woman ever with Down syndrome to walk the red carpet at New York Fashion Week.

Jamie Brewer is Her Inspiration-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

9.She is Fighting for a Better Cause

Madeline Stuart is into modeling because she wants society to change its view on people with Down syndrome. She wants a better acceptance in this world for people with disabilities. 

She is Fighting for a Better Cause-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

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