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Most Aggressive Birds

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:09 am


If you've ever see the film, "The Birds," by Alfred Hitchcock, you're already afraid of crows. These birds have an amazing memory and are able to remember your face. I don't know about you, but I don't want a bird to remember me, that's for sure. When they attack, they go for the eyes.

2.Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcon is a bird eating Raptor. The females are bigger than the males and they are known for their great flight speed of being able to get up to 200 mph. Considered the fastest in the animal world, these birds can be very territorial and defensive by nature.

3.Snowy Owl

Another owl on the aggressive bird list is the Snowy owl. Made infmaous by the Harry Potter series, this bird lives in cold climtes with temperatures as low as negative 50 degrees. At just 18 inches tall and with a wingspan of over four feet long, they seem to quadruple in size when in flight.

4.Barred Owl

The Barred Owl has a four foot wingspan and weighs up to three pounds. They tend to attack smaller animals, but have also attacked human hikers, who do not hear them coming. Their muffled feathers muffle their sound, as they attack the head and eyes. They really don't seem to give a hoot.

5.Southern Cassowary

The 130 pound Southern Cassowarry weight over one hundred and thirty pounds and is almost six feet tall. This territorial bird, has razor sharp spurs and a nasty kick, strong enough to kick over a lion. It will attack anything that is perceived as a threat. Humans have been ripped apart and disemboweled.

6.Australian Magpie

A relative of the crow, the Australian Magpie is extremely territorial. Ranking as one of the most dangerous birds in the world, their wingspan is almost three feet wide. These birds swoop down, often in pairs, to attack animals and humans in their most vulnerable spots, meaning eyes and face.


The Lammergier is a vulture that feeds on lambs who are sick or dying. Diving for tortoises to suck their bones dry, these birds drop their prey onto rocks to crack open their shells, or bones, harming any other animal, or human in their way. Watch out for falling tortoises!


8.Red Tailed Hawk

The Red Tailed Hawk belongs to the Raptor family and they have razor sharp talons. They are quite aggressive with anyone or thing that is perceived as a threat to them or their young. Most times, they do not take to people, and attempt to run you out of their turf.


The Ostrich doesn't fly because they are so big. Considered the largest and heaviest bird, and have powerful legs that are so strong they can kill a tiger. Not a bird to mess around with, they have killed people. Quick on their feet, they are able to outrun their predators.



When we think of swans we think of elegance and beauty, but swans are also very aggressive. They live in an environment where foxes, coyotes, raccoons and skunks look for their eggs to eat. Weighing in at 80 pounds, these birds have also been known to attack people. So be careful next time you're on a swan boat ride.


Most people don't realize that the seagull is an aggressive bird, but if you've ever dropped your fries on the beach, you'll notice how they swoop in, and sometimes pretty close to you, to grab a few to eat. They are very cunning birds and always on the lookout for a meal.



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