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Most Common Things Women Love To Have/Spend Upon

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 8:57 am


Men collect baseball cards and women collect make-up. In just minutes (or for some women hours) a woman can transform herself into a new person thanks to make-up. There are so many different brands, shades and colors of make-up that women can't resist buying as many as possible. Men, don't blame your women for buying so much make-up, point the finger and the manufacturers instead.

2.Purses and Handbags

The right purse or handbag can turn a Plain-Jane outfit into a fancy and head-turning one. A woman needs a purse like a man needs a cold beer. Some women walk around with their whole life in their purse and since it's an accessory, you can never have just one.

3.Fitness Essentials

Getting fit and staying in shape is something in the back of every woman's mind. As women get older, they are more concerned with how they look. This is the time when they start spending enormous amounts of money on gym memberships, fitness gear, DVDs and equipment. Some even start buying fitness aids to help them get in shape.

4.Mall Visits

Men around the world must get depressed the moment they hear their significant other is going to the mall. Some women go to the mall more than they change their underwear. These visits could be for retail therapy, or maybe that woman just wants to get away from their man for a little while.

5.Home Decor

You don't have to be an interior decorator to love it. Women love pampering their home with the finer things in life. From buying new curtains for the holidays, to re-painting their room walls; women love to change things up in their home constantly. With bargain places like Ikea and around, women can spend a few hundred dollars on home items and not feel bad about it later.

6.Salon Visits

Every woman is capable of doing her hair, but why go through the trouble when you can just pay someone else to do it? There are women who go to the salon every week, just because they can. For some women, a salon visit is their way of relaxing and alleviating stress.


Women love jewelry! Some women will constantly indulge and buy expensive pieces of jewelry. And then there are those women who are happy with purchasing inexpensive fashion jewelry. Either way, if a woman sees a gorgeous ring, bracelet or necklace in a store window, it's almost always a battle to pry her away from the glass.



If a woman is lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, then she is one of the happiest females in the world. Shopping for clothes is something that every woman likes to do. Even if she already has 10 pair of black pants, she's sees nothing wrong with buying two more; especially if they're on sale.


Collecting shoes can be a hobby for some women. If women could, they would have an entire house (or room at the very least) devoted to just shoes. Since there are so many different types of shoes in the world, a woman's philosophy is that you can never have too many shoes.


10.Spa Day Visits

It's always good to unwind and treat yourself every now and then. For some women going to a spa is the best way for them to relax. Spas pamper its women customers better than any man could. Some women visit for the facials and mani-pedis, while others go for the massages.

11.Hair Products

Women love to have healthy and shiny hair and they will spend any amount of money to get it. Women will spend hundreds of dollars each month on shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, mousse etc, just to get the hair-look they desire most. Even if the product doesn't work for their hair, they still feel compelled to hold onto it until they can find some sort of use for it.



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