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Most Creative Durex C0ndom Ads

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 8:52 am

1.Not Such A Big Mouth

What guy wouldn't secretly wish that they were so big that they ripped someone apart. This girl apparently came across one of these guys. It's too bad her mouth was too small, or was it that the guy was too big, too, too big. Good thing Durex makes extra, extra large c0ndoms.

2.World's Favorite Sport

Everyone can relate to the Olympics. Durex targets the whole world who all recognize the Olympic symbol. Available in a variety of colors, they are the the gold medal winners of c0ndoms. When wearing c0ndoms makes you a winner, it's easy to do. Durex wants to make sure you do.

3.If The End Doesn't Come Quickly, Maybe You should

At the end of 2012, most people thought that the world was ending on December 21st. Playing up on that fact, Durex created a campaign that spoke to men's need to last longer. Instead of obsessing over losing some feeling with a c0ndom, Durex tells you that it will make you last longer.

4.Happy Father's Day

This ad is simple, but says it all. They're saying that any other c0ndom company might land you on the father's day list, while they can protect you from being one. While c0ndoms protect you from disease, we can't forget that it also protects you from having a baby mama on your hands.

5.Chocolate Flavored c0ndoms

Monica Lewinsky apparently loved chocolate and made a great poster girl for this c0ndom company. If you wore a chocolate c0ndom you might get the kind of action you always wanted. Unbridled, uninhibited passion of a chocoholic who's been deprived of chocolate. Just how do you imagine them eating up that chocolate?

6.Put A Sock On it

Some men think that wearing a c0ndom is like wearing a sock, but not with Durex ... apparently. They are playing up on the fact that you can get full protection with the ultra slim Durex c0ndoms. It's a great selling point, because men like to be able to feel with their banana.

7.It's A Ball Game

When you think of sex as a ball game it all makes sense. Men always say that women play games, well now they know why. However, women prefer two-ball type games versus one-ball type games. Durex makes it possible for men and women to play ball games safely.


8.No Slipping One Past The "Keeper"

Durex makes sure that no swimmers make it past the goalie. It's something men can relate to and a good way to market c0ndoms. When they think of a c0ndom as a goalie, it makes them feel like they are part of a team and they want to support their goalie.

9.Baby Seat Comparison

What's cheaper, a c0ndom or a baby seat? When you look at it that way you would realize how many c0ndoms you could by for the price of one carseat. And, who knows if you might have twins, then you'd need two carseats. Wow, how many men did this ad scare straight.


10.Kilts For The Extra Long

Another play on men's intense need to be extra large. In this ad we've got some men wearing kilts but one lucky guy is having to wear his kilt extra long to cover his extra long manhood. Durex knows those guys will be glad to sport an extra large c0ndom.

11.Urinals For the XXL

This is a great ad by Durex, playing on man's obsession with being extra, extra large. The larger the better for most guys. It's funny how their is a special stall for the XXL guy who has to stand way back from the urinal. You can bet those guys will buy Durex.


12.With This Ring

You can either slide the ring of a c0ndom on, or slide on a wedding ring. An unwanted pregnancy is the best way to get a ring on your finger faster than you can blink an eye. Wear the c0ndom, it's much more comfortable and it's not as long lasting as a bad marriage.


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