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Most Creative Street Ads

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 9:16 am

1.Mr. Clean

In America we call him Mr. Clean, in Germany, he's Meister Proper, but everywhere, he is all about clean. This painting on a crosswalk, showing just how white this one line could be by using Mr. Clean, or Mesiter Proper, is ingenius and an eye catching ad if you ever saw one.

2.Folgers Coffee

Now this would make anyone want a nice hot cup of coffee. There sunken in the street is a steamy cup of Folgers Coffee. It's actually a man hole cover. Talk about making full use of everything in the street to advertise. It's a great idea that will get people talking, that's for sure.

3.McDonald's Fries

In Switzerland, you can't help but get hungry for fries when you cross the street. There in the middle of the intersection is a large box of McDonald's french fries, with each fry acting as the lines in the cross walk. It makes you hungry just looking at it doesn't it?

4.Durex c0ndoms

This is a fun way to advertise c0ndoms, with ribs. Using the grate in a sidewalk as the ribs with a drawing of a c0ndom on top, is pure genius. There is no subtle way to advertise c0ndoms so why try? Belgium doesn't try to hide it, they let it all hang out right on the streets.

5.Bubbles Hair Salon

This is a clever way to advertise a hair salon. Using the idea of lines in a crosswalk to make it appear to be a comb. No matter who walks on that crosswalk, they will get the message that there is a hair salon that is imaginative to advertise this way, making them think what they could do for your hair.

6.South African Tourism

What a great idea to advertising South African Tourism. The crosswalk was painted to look like the strips on a Zebra in Mumbai. It's a genius way to incorporate their culture and history into the city. Why not make use of the ability to paint in the street and send a message too?

7.White Out

How can you miss this ad? Standing on the end of a crosswalk, as if it just painted the lines with, is a giant bottle of White Out with the lid open and laying in the street. The ad is for Kinkos and has it's website emblazoned on the label. Great ad design by BBDO.


8.Monument To River

In Drachten in the Netherlands, this strip of main road is painted blue. Done by Henk Hofstra using over one thousand gallons of paint, it covers over a half a mile of road. It was done as a tribute to the river that was once where the road is now, as a "Water Is Life" project.

9.Bin Your Butts

This is a great ad done by GREY in Melbourne, Australia. Basically, telling people to bin their butts rather then just toss them in the street. Otherwise the street will eventually look like this. This will surely gain the attention of every person crossing the street, and hopefully change their behavior, if they are a smoker.


10.Amnesty International

This ad is poignant and grabs your attention. It's a prisoner holding up a cardboard sign as he is held captive in the sewer. The sign reads "thousands are held prisoners fo their beliefs in places worse than this. Write until you free them all." It's by Amnesty International. A great ad by ad agency TBWA in Warsaw, Poland.

11.Coca Cola

These 3-D ads are done by artist Julian Beever. They look as if you can reach down and grab them, but they are flat. This Coca Cola ad is amazing, and will catch the eye of every thirsty passerby on a warm day. Looking like the bottle of soda is just laying in the street, the illusion is amazing.


12.Vijay Sales

This clever street ad uses a sewer grated cover as a barbecue grill to advertise their company. It's a simple ad yet very effective. If you were walking by, wouldn't you remember this ad? Maybe even jot down the number if you were in the market for a barbecue? Everyone looks down when they walk, even if just for moments to make sure they are not stepping in a hole.


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