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Most Extreme Bridges Around The World

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 1:12 pm

1.Mackinac Bridge - Michigan

The Mackinac Bridge has been recorded as the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the world. At 8.615 feet it is massively long, and covers a lot of distance, a distanc that may be too much for some people. The bridge started out scary as well, killing five workers before the construction of the bridge even started.

2.Musou Tsuribashi - Japan

This rope bridge is not for the faint of heart. Considered the scariest suspension bridge in Japan, the fifty year old bridge has character. The wear and tear speak volumes about those how have passed before us. The scariest part is the bridge has no guardrails.

3.Volgograd Bridge - Russia

Crossing the Volga River seems pretty safe with this bridge made of cement. The Volgograd Bridge may be made of solid materials, much better than some of these with old wood, or not enough wood. The bridge itself swings with the wind, which can sometimes blow it wildly, depending on the season.

4.Sidhue River Bridge - China

The Sidhue River Bridge connects Shanghai and Chendo, China. As part of the dangerous Huyu G50 Highway, the bridge is quite a long one, and is situated at a high altitude. Combine the two and you could find yourself midway with a feeling that you just want to get onto land.

5.Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge - New Zealand

The Kawarau Bridge has a claim to fame as being the location for the first bungy site commercial. Crossing the Kawaru River, the suspension bridge is 141 feet long, and is part of the Queenstown Trail. Glorious views take your breath away as you cross, but don't let the fear get to you.

6.Hanging Bridge Of Ghasa - Nepal

Hanging bridges are popular in Ghana, but that doesn't mean that everyone that lives there is comfortable with it. Located in Nepal, this bridge look more like an old rollercoaster, but is very functional. It is used to get herds of animals from one side to the other.

7.Huangshan - China

Located in the Yellow Mountains of China, the Huangshan Bridge is made of concrete and has gondola access. Breathtaking views take over anyone who dares to cross, as the mountainous landscape sits behind this unique bridge, with a personality all its own. Dare to cross it for an experience of a lifetime.


8.U-Bein Bridge - Myanmar

Up above the Taungthaman Lake, the U-Bein Bridge is made of teakwood. Located in Myanmar, the rickety bridge is held up by pillars, that don't even look strong enough to hold the bridge up, but with 1,086 of them, it seems this bridge is pretty secure, or at least the bikers, who use the bridge, think so.

9.Langkawi Sky Bridge - Malaysia

One of the most unique looking bridges, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is located in Malaysia, a the Bunung Mat Cincang peak. The only way to access this bridge is by cable car. Hanging high above sea level and swerving through the landscape, it is quite breathtaking to behold, or drive on.


10.Carrick-a-Rede Bridge - Northern Ireland

The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge allows the public to cross from the mainland in Ireland to the island of Carrickarede. Most people will only cross once, and never want to cross again. Not only does it say as the ropes holding it up sag, the boards are not even fully covering the path on either side.

11.Canopy Walk Bridge - Ghana

A flimsy piece of wood is all that separates transversers from the ground below, on the Canopy Walk Bridge. This rope bridge sways with the wind and motion of those passing through, feeling as if they might break as they creak from the change in weight. Reaching 1.3 meters into the sky, these ropes hold the bridge in place.

12.Vitim River Bridge - Russia

When crossing the Vitum River Bridge, it can become very difficult during the harsh Russian winters as the icy wood gets slippery. This rickety bridge, has no guard rails to protect you, or your car, from plummeting into the ice cold water below. Lucky for most, the drop is not that far.


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