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Most Geeky Cakes

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:11 pm


The FarmVille addiction has gotten out of hand. How annoying is it when your friends on FaceBook send you FarmVille requests. On a scale of one to ten, it's a twenty, So now these people are celebrating with a FarmVille cake, complete with crops and a barn. It's gone too far, I tell ya.

2.Mario Kart

For a child, great cake, for an adult, hmmm, we have to wonder first, why is he still calling himself Billy. Second, is he still playing Mario Cart? Looks like this cake is for a six year old, per the six candles, unless each candle stands for a decade and we have a sixty year old Mario Kart lover on our hands.

3.Play Station

A great cake for a kid, a not so great cake for an adult. Perfectly executed, this cake looks too good to cut into, but if the cake if for an adult, you have to worry just a little bit. Why is this person to tied to their video game console that even at a celebration, they have to have it with them?


An obvious iPod lover, this is great for a teen cake, but definitely not for an adult. A cake that represents what you love, or your life's ambitions, is a great idea, but when you tell everyone at your party that you identify with your iPod as the most important aspect of yourself, you've got problems.

5.Game Of Thrones

Another cake that is beyond geeky. It's fine to love a television show, a movie or a video game, but to make it your life and have it as your cake, makes you a top geek. Our world is becoming so overly consumed with things that are make believe, we find it hard to live in reality.

6.Gotham City

Who loves Gotham City so much that they have to have a cake made into a replica? A geek, that's who. Some people grow up with Batman and can't leave him behind, wishing that they owned a Batmobile and had a sidekick that wore weird tights. They wished the lived in Gotham City and protected its citizens from harm. Problem is that it should only exist in their minds, not in a cake.


So does this person loves the sea? Whales? Birds? Maybe just a nature lover, but the cake is a little too geeky for most. Although, it is well designed, waves and all, and it looks delicious, unless the recipient is a whale watcher or fisherman, the cake is just weird.


8.Video Game Controller

How much do you love your video games, let me count the ways. Again, unless the recipient of this cake is a youngster, this cake lands you in geek land. In today's society when people are so addicted to their phones and computer games, it's hard to draw the line when it comes to not letting it infiltrate your whole life.


Another phone lover cake, this time the blackberry. This cake is geeky in so many ways, one being the fact that even having a blackberry puts you on the geek list. It appears that this blackberry lover can't get with the touch screen technology and is celebrating being stuck in the past.



Unless you're under seven years old, this cake is geeky mcgeekster. Looking more like a wedding cake, we can only hope that some bride is not stuck marrying a superhero freak, who has to even include his justice league friends at his wedding, but boys will be boys, won't they?

11.The North Pole

This cake is cute, but geeky at the same time. It looks to be a wedding cake with two eskimos on top kissing. Now unless the bride and groom are true eskimos, it seems to be a little over the top, including the bear and the fish in the stream. Clever and cute, but with a huge geek factor.



If you love your phone that much that you have it made into a cake, you are a true geek. The cake is cleverly and intricately designed to include most every feature on a phone, probably using a photo overlay in the frosting, but what is this person celebrating anyway?


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