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Most Gross Foods In The World

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:10 am

1.Blood Clams

We eat oysters and clams raw, so why not blood clams. Well, these little critters have an excessive amount of hemoglobin, which is what makes blood red. When you open them, the clams are swimming in red blood. Sound yummy? After just 20 seconds of boiling, they are eaten pretty much raw.


Greenland offers a disgusting dish that takes 18 months to prepare. A seal skin sack is stuffed with the bodies of dead birds that are liquifying and decaying. The fermentation over time tenderizes the bird, bones and all, and apparently makes a great dish. And yes it wreaks of disgusting dead bird.

3.Live Cobra Beating Heart

In Le Mat, a Vietnamese village near Hanoi, locals rip out a cobra snake's heart while it is still beating and then eat it. When you order it in a restaurant, the snake is slaughtered in front of you, the blood is drained into a glass, and then you drink it. You are then offered a shot of snake venom and bile, and while the snake is being cooked, you are offered the still-beating heart on a dish.

4.Four Inch Long Worms - Raw

In the Australian Outback, these four inch worms are eaten raw. Known as their signature dish, they are eaten while they are still alive and squirming. You bite the head off first and then chew away. These grubs are served in high end restaurants, and can also be served in soup.

5.Fruit Bat Soup

Yes a fruit bat is used in soup in Guam, and residents love it. The bat is boiled with vegetables and coconut milk is added. The bat is not shaven, and all of the bat is eaten including the wings, eyes and yes, the fur. Not only does this sound disgusting, it can actually be harmful because these bats dine on plants that cause neurological diseases in humans.

6.Severed Human Toe Cocktail

Officially called the Sourtoe Cocktail, this alcoholic beverage includes a toe that has been drained of all bodily fluids and then pickled. This garnishment is added to any cocktail you choose, and is served in a Canadian bar. People actually order it for the fun of it, but no one actually eats the toe. We think, but maybe some have sucked on it.


This looks as gross as it probably tastes, but people love it. An egg is incubated until the duck inside is almost fully formed, then the egg is boiled with the live bird inside. It is then cracked open like you would a typical boiled egg and served on a plate with the duck visible.


8.Semen Cocktails

This is a real drink found in a real cocktail handbook, Semenology: The Semen Bartender's Handbook, to be exact. It looks like there is real semen in this drink, but whose? If you're the bartender are you required to use your own, and wouldn't that be draining by the end of a shift?

9.Octopus Ice Cream

When your kids beg for ice cream for dinner, but you prefer they actually eat fish, this ice cream can serve both purposes. Octopus Ice Cream is available in Japan and sells. Who knew? We have to wonder if it tastes more fishy or more sugary. What a strange combination.


10.Fish Assholes

Sticking with the butthole theme, this food really does exist. Fish Assholes in a can, and served Manhattan Style, as if any other style would make it any better. How does one remove the butthole of a fish and then prepare it in a meal? Would you want that job?

11.Edible Anus

These Belgium chocolates look disturbingly like a part of our bodies that we never really see. Often referred to as Chocolate Buttholes, they don't taste like one, not that we know what one tastes like. For some people this may be practice, and for others just a funny delight, but for both, very tasty.


12.Casu Marzu

At first it looks like a bread bowl with some kind of dip inside, but look closer and the smell will overtake you. If the aroma of spoiled milk doesn't invoke a response from your gag reflex, maybe it will be the cheese filled with live maggots. It is said to burn inside the mouth a little and is only sold on the black market.


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