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15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 11:10 am

Internet is full of inappropriate tattoos. Different people have different opinions on tattoos. Most people like small and creative tattoos. Some like bigger ones. There are people who absolutely hate inking their body, and also don't like the whole concept of tattoos. From a common person's perspective, a tattoo is acceptable as long as it looks good, makes sense and is inked well. People spend so much time to come up with a really great tattoo idea. Some people don't care about others' opinion, and get inappropriate or blatantly sexual tattoos. Here are fifteen most inappropriate tattoos ever found on the internet! 
1.Apple Of My Eye

This is just plain creepy, and way too realistic. The detail in the eye itself is amazing, but then to add the picture to the iris, just takes it from pretty to strange. The size of it is also way out of proportion, overtaking the entire left quadrant of the upper back.

Apple Of My Eye-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

2.Butt Bank

For anyone who wants to make a deposit, this person may take credit cards too. Just swipe it in the crack. A funny tattoo if it wasn't permanent, but does this person really want to be wearing this tattoo when they are eighty years old and in a nursing home?

Butt Bank-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

3.Female Anatomy

Yes, the female anatomy is beautiful and we should all be proud, however, Getting a tattoo of it maybe a little over the top. This woman chose to have a vagina tattooed on her back, including the womb and ovaries. When she has the real thing on the other side of her body, and a little lower, why the need for the tattoo?
We guess she was trying to make an announcement with the tattoo. Apparently, the text in the tattoo reads as 'My vagina is beautiful'. She might have a beautiful one, but does it really require an announcement? Anyway, the tattoo looks too bad. It was good for her that she had the tattoo on her back, so she can at least cover it properly with a dress when she realizes the mistake she has made. 

Female Anatomy-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

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