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Most Sacred Animals In The World

Friday, Mar 27, 2020, 9:44 am


The cat has played an integral role in religion for thousands of years and indeed it is right up there as having been one of the most sacred animals in Ancient Egypt. You will also find it being viewed as sacred in China, India, and even in an old religious belief in Germany where it is linked to superstition about death in a hospital.


2.Black crow

The crow is seen as being sacred in Indonesian religion as well as having played a prominent role in Celtic religion some 2000 years ago. It is often linked to the dark side of life such as war and death, so you need to keep them on your side or bad things will happen.


The God Poseidon was directly linked to a horse and the animal is sacred mainly in religions that existed in and around Turkey and Indo-European people. However, you will also notice that a horse also appears in Hinduism where it is linked to the God Hayagriva.



The goat is seen as being sacred in so many different parts of the world, but sadly for some of them that does mean that they are then sacrificed to the Gods. They are popular in the Middle East, Africa, and part of Asia, but of course each religion, including tribal religions, will have a slightly different take on their importance.


OK so this particular dog may not be sacred, but they are sacred in parts of Nepal and India. In Hinduism they are viewed as being messengers of the Gods as well as guarding to the door to Heaven and there is also a day dedicated to them in November of each year in Nepal.



The wolf was seen as being sacred in a lot of the original religions that existed in Eurasia and then into North America. You can actually see this in the way that two wolves appear in the myth that surrounds the foundation of Rome and the Roman Empire to see how they were viewed thousands of years ago.


In India, the monkey is seen as being linked to Hanuman who is quite an important God figure. A monkey is also seen as being linked to an incarnation of Buddha, so that then means that al of Buddhism also looks upon them favorably due to this strong link to their religion.



The tiger is a sacred animal according to Chinese religion and indeed it shows the importance of it due to the fact that there is a Chinese New Year dedicated to it. However, it is also sacred in India where it is linked to the God, Shiva followed by festivals in Nepal and even Vietnam where it is sacred due to its strength and power.


The elephant is seen as being sacred in India due to the way in which it is linked to the Hindu God, Ganesh. It is seen as being very lucky and indeed there are a number of festivals where an adult elephant is worshipped.



The pig was seen as being very sacred back in the days of Ancient Egypt where it was directly linked to the Gods. However, it is also sacred in China, ancient Greek religion, and the Celtic religion which spread across Europe 2000 years ago.


The cobra, and snakes in general, have been seen as sacred in a number of different cultures going way back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. However, in India it is seen as being the most sacred snake in a country that is hardly short of them.



When you think of sacred animals in the world, then there is a very good chance that you will automatically think of the cow. This animal is revered in the Hindu world with various rituals and festivals taking place where it is treated like a God.


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