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Most Amazing Observation Towers

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:59 pm

1.Sears Tower

OK so this is at the top of Sears Tower, but would you have the guts to stand on it and take in the view around you? Sure it is safe, but will your brain realize that in time or will you find that you need to stand back and do the viewing from another angle?


This has to be quite a famous building because you are going to have seen it on a number of images both online and in other forms of media. The views it provides you with over Seattle just cannot be beaten, but do choose a nice clear day in order to fully appreciate it.

3.Las Vegas

If you are ever in Las Vegas, then you need to check out this observation tower in order to get a completely different perspective of the city. This is going to provide you with some amazing views and it is easy to get up to the top as well, so do not worry about going up stairs.

4.Suur Manama

This is in the middle of a forest and the tower does let you see the vastness of the area. The tower itself is very well designed as it is modern without being too over the top meaning it blends in well and is not an eyesore on the landscape.


Well it is pretty obvious as to why this one is included in this list and it is simply because of the design of the tower. You do wonder what was going through the head of the person that created this because surely it is unique in the world and you look more at the tower than the actual views.


This is in Bavaria, so you just know that when you get to the top of this rather strange tower you are going to see trees all around you. It does offer you some pretty spectacular views and the best thing that you can do is to make sure that your camera is working as you do not want to miss out on it.

7.Antietam Battlefield

This observation tower is rather poignant since it does overlook a battlefield, so it is certainly going to be a place where you can quietly reflect on what happened here. It is not the most spectacular to look at, but it is amazing because of what it represents.


8.Elitch Gardens

This photograph does help you to see how you could get one spectacular view from the top of this observation tower. The fact that it is in the middle of a theme park does not matter because when you are this high you are not looking at the rides that are around you.

9.Niagara Falls

Well when it comes to observation towers that have a view can you think of anything better than this one at Niagara Falls? It really is pretty spectacular and even though some people may refer to it as a deck it is still worth mentioning here.



This observation tower is rather peculiar thanks to its design because it just looks like a bit of mangled metal. However, it is actually rather clever and when have you ever seen anything that looks like that before in your life?

11.Daewon Park

Not only is this cool to look at, but the views that you get from it are going to be hard to beat. The design is modern and funky and it certainly stands out all on its own compared to anything else that is around it.


12.Olympic stadium, Beijing

This was built especially for the Olympic Games and it is certainly rather funky in its design. OK it only offered you views over the Olympic park, but it was still well worth visiting and it did tie in with how the rest of the park looked.


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