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Most Consumed Sea Foods

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:08 pm


Forget the part where you select the live lobster in the tank and next thing it is on your plate because this is something that more people are now enjoying as it has lost some of its upper class appeal. It used to be the case that lobster was seen as being something for rich people, but that is no longer the case and that is why it has become a lot more popular.


Oysters are seen as being an aphrodisiac, so that will account for some people that eat them each year. However, for other people they just love the salty taste and they are simply unable to understand why some people find them disgusting to even look at.


Clams are the kind of thing where you look at them and wonder how anybody could eat them, but then you try them yourself and you suddenly discover what the fascination is with them. There are vast numbers of clams eaten on a yearly basis around the world and at least the ocean keeps providing them.


Nope this is not the MTV show, but instead it is a rather ugly looking huge fish that just happens to also be quite tasty when it is put on your plate. You will undoubtedly get quite a lot for your money, but do just make sure it is all prepared for you because boy is it ugly.


When it comes to fish and chips you will tend to find that the fish is cod. It may not be the nicest looking fish and it may also be slightly bland to the taste, but when covered in batter it is transformed.


You have to admit that at first you will look at a crab and think it looks horrible, but there is just something about the taste of it that just makes it very popular indeed. You can do so much with crab and the taste is good without being overpowering.


This is a fish that is actually now in the top ten of seafood eaten in the United States. It is a freshwater fish with quite a plain taste, but there must be something to it when you consider the huge numbers of them being eaten.



If you are looking for a relatively cheap white meat fish, then this is the one for you. It appears in a lot of the frozen fish that you get in supermarkets and because of the amount of them swimming about the oceans it does keep the price lower, which is always good to see.


This may be a bit of a surprise to some people, but this particular fish has managed to swim into the popularity stakes without being noticed. It is seen as being slightly exotic, but it is still not that strange to eat, so perhaps that has helped.



Salmon is an amazing fish and you can do so much with it and this undoubtedly helps its popularity. It shows how popular it is when we have fish farms dedicated to producing more of them just to keep up with demand.

11.Canned tuna

You only have to go to your local store to see how popular canned tuna is, but of course you do have various options such as the oil it is in or if it is mixed with anything else. The fact that it is ready to eat does help.



Put it this way, if you piled together all of the shrimp that is eaten in a single year you would have an absolute mountain. It is amazing to think that so much can come out of the sea and that there are any left, but then they must be busy making new baby shrimps in order to satisfy our craving.


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