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Most Creative Nail Art

Monday, Jan 27, 2020, 6:44 am

1.Final Note

Nails can be artistic, sophisticated, bejeweled, dramatic and just humorous as seen in this cute collection of cartoon characters. These nails are perfect for a bubbly person.



Your nails can also send out the message of who you really are. Showing your love of music for example.


These gel nails appear to hold a number of tiny gems and colors that are rather festive. Nails can be seasonal too.



Subject matter and inspirations can be drawn from anything including pandas! Each nail displays the panda doing different things. Together they form a pleasing black and white nail that is very eye-catching.

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5.Free-Hand Work

These nails are a little more simplistic yet just as eye-catching. This type of art can be done free-hand and there are brushes available to do that.



Absolute elegance is suggested with this photograph. The nails are highly decorated with items that stand in relief. Nail art can be so much fun when there are no limits.

7.More Fun

Nails in days gone by were pretty uniform in color. Here, every nail has been used to create an individual master piece on each one.



Some people's nails define them, these nails are a little reminiscent of those people who grow them beyond normal lengths. Some shells and other nail jewelery has been added for extra effect.

9.Extending Out

The artist who did these nails did not stop at painting, instead the nail is sculptured to form geometric shapes. For the eagle-eyed among us you will of course notice it is all from the game Tetris.



Nail art reaches all new dimensions with an 'Edward Scissor Hands' type of look. Suddenly creativity becomes hand theatre. The sky is the limit as is seen in this creative nail production.


What ever your personality, mood or look is there is a design for you. This cute little pink bunny could have formed the inspiration for these nails.


12.Gorgeous Composition

Hands and nails can give you full artistic range and ability. This beautiful photograph not only forms a composition with the mask, but is an extension of it. There is even a nail pierced with jewelery in it.


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