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Most Disgusting Instagram Photos

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:01 pm

1.Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne on Instagram, spray painting graffiti on a wall. Why she chose to draw Miley Cyrus is anyone's guess.

2.Look at this shit

Poop finger painting is an excellent way to get more followers on Instagram. The only thing that you need to do is to remember to wash your hands after it.

3.People are Strange

Perhaps before Instagram existed we were not privy to just how strange people are? Now we are subjected to photographs like this one where they just do not make any sense whatsoever.


Twerking has gone to new levels, when every Tom, Dick and Harry posts a pic of them twerking at Thanks Giving. Even people outside are not immune to it and they then Instagram their pics as well?

5.Rear View Mirror

Sometimes taking a selfie is not the best thing to do. Especially when you are checking in the rear view mirror. Do we really want to see this?

6.Trust Miley

Of course Miley Cyrus would never let this list down by not appearing on it. Here she has Instagramed this strange photo of her with a dwarf. Which is worse the dwarf or her saggy butt?

7.This is Just Ew!

This is just gross. Who the heck wants to see this on Instagram? Okay, we do not want to know. The sleazier side of the nation does not belong on Instagram.



Then to make matters worse other people copied Kim and soon Instagram was overloaded and groaning with huge butts. Even faked one's like the one on the left.

9.No Way!

No wonder men are understanding boundaries less and less. This picture was all over Instagram. We hope she sat up and gave this dude a tight slap.


10.Real Life at its Worst

Yep, this really badly taken photograph was actually posted on Instagram. This is a case of 'Too Much Information'.

11.Not Everyone's Cup of Blood

People will do anything for attention, we get that, but really a bloodied throat? Yak! Surely this is just one step too far?



Fun in the sun used to mean a whole lot of things, but flying through the air? With that lily white skin and scrawny body? This has to be termed disgusting!

13.Hell NO!

This photo could be enjoyed by BBW followers, but really? This is just disgusting and doesn't belong on Instagram.

14.Well I Never!

Showing off your tattoos is one thing, but having a suggestive female orgy is perhaps going a bit too far. Are there no limits here?


Nicky Minaj has a vast array of strange and sexual photographs posted on Instagram. Perhaps the key to stardom is simply exhibitionism.


With many users being under-age, this is probably not the best photograph to post up on your Instagram. At least he covered his face with the nearest thing he could find.

17.Naughty Chic

Food is really taking off on Instragram and even this little dish took off things too. It seems even the chicken wings are trying to get pornographic attention?

18.Two Soldiers

Unless you are on a gay porn site two guys together with their pants down to their knees is not really appreciated by many. This is just Instagram Disgusting!

19.Oh My Goodness!

What is this exactly? A dead bird with its entrails hanging out? Some old food found in a dustbin? No, this is Martha Stewart's latest post on Twitter and Instagram. It's her new dish! Oh my word what has happened to Martha? Quick we need a head doctor.

20.Was He dateless That Sat Night?

What can be said about this? Except that it pays to advertise perhaps? Be careful what you are advertising for though.

21.Make That a Foot Long Please?

Subway bread masters fired two employees after making this penis bread-roll and posting it on Instagram. Can we ask what the filling was in the cream vagina bun?

22.Was This Necessary?

Even stars know that in order to get more followers on Instagram you need to do a bit of porno. Shame on you!

23.Objectification and Racist/sexist

This photo on Instagram states that, the new rich black man's accessory is the white woman trophy scarf. Disgusting!


One would think that a pop-star that earns tons of money would be beyond putting a photo of herself on on Instagram like this? The Instagram community has gone mad.


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