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Most Haunted Places In USA

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 10:49 am

1.Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, IA

OK so even the name of this house is going to scare you because the apparitions that people have seen here include a guy with an axe as well as the sound of children crying at night. You can go on tours at night here if you feel daring enough.

2.Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

During the short life span of this building it is estimated that over 6000 people died some from disease and some from the attempts to cure them. Is it any surprise that the place is reported to be seriously haunted with that history? People have since reported doors being slammed, cold spots, various apparitions and a woman with blood running out of her wrists.

3.Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR

Strange things started to happen in this house after it became the property of the city with objects moving, the smell of flowers in rooms with no flowers, and the outline of an elderly woman appears at different times. Guest also report strange feelings as they walk through the rooms and overall it is quite scary.

4.Kehoe House, Savannah, GA

From the outside this looks completely respectful, but guests here have reported a number of very strange events that will make your hairs stand on end. Twin girls apparently died there and now people hear them laughing and running down the corridor and guests have even mentioned waking up with what feels like a child stroking their face.

5.Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, WV

Of course if you are going to venture near an old asylum it is going to be very scary indeed and this place is no different. You have to remember that people were chained up and basically abused and now you can go on special tours around the place and soak up what has to be one of the creepiest atmospheres you will ever encounter.

6.Earnestine & Hazel's Bar, Memphis, TN

This building has had a colorful past as it has been a pharmacy as well as a brothel at some point and now it is a bar. People report having seen a number of ghosts in the stairwells, both male and female, and generally speaking there is just a bit of a spooky feel about the place.

7.The Pine Barrens, NJ

This is a forest and kids in the area have been told about the Jersey Devil for generations. In 1909 people were that scared about the ghosts in the area that even schools were shut down until they felt that the moment had passed, but even now people are scared to go into the area.


8.Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

It is perhaps no surprise that a place such as this is going to be on a list of the most haunted places as there is a lot of sadness attached to the building. Prisoners were tortured and a lot of them died and now if you walk in the halls you are met with this eerie feeling especially when you go on one of the tours and hear about all of the ghostly things that happen.

9.Whaley House, San diego

This house is actually open for ghost tours due to the experiences that people have had in there. The reason why it is haunted is that it is built on the site of the first gallows in the city and the ghosts of people that were executed roam the area. Reports of noises, doors closing, and things moving are quite common.


10.Lincoln Square Theatre, Decatur, IL

This theatre was gutted by a fire and people died and it is the ghosts of those people that are said to haunt the refurbished building. People have made reports of seats moving on their own, cold draughts, and a one armed man walking around, so your eyes are on more than just the play.

11.Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

Several people have apparently been killed at this plantation house and of course that then leads to people reporting that it is haunted. They say that beds have moved, guests have been dragged out of their beds, music plays, and generally it is just freaky and scary in equal measures.


12.Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

This hotel is famous due to Stephen King having stayed in room 417 and thanks to the experiences he had in there it inspired him into writing "The Shining". People have reported a number of different things including luggage being unpacked, things moved, issues with lights etc, so of course this draws in a certain group of people who love all of this.


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