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Most Intelligent Animals

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:33 pm


Octopuses are not only smart as a whole, but each arm seems to carry it's own mind. Even when cut off from the body, the arm will seek out food and try to put it where it thinks the mouth would be if it were still attach to the body. They can also change their shape to imitate other animals or things on the ocean floor.


The squirrel is an expert at adapting his lifestyle to live almost anywhere. With excellent memory and the ability to use abstract thought, squirrels are quick learners who retain information. They are also capable of deceit, stealing from other squirrels and hiding it, a skill typically only found in primates.


Pigs are not only smart, but they are vain. One of the only animals that have figured out how mirrors work, allowing them to use it to see food and their surroundings. They are social animals that learn from one another, similar to the way we learn and they pass it down through each generation.


Cats are problem solvers who adapt to their environment. They have the ability to learn and acquire new behavior within social groups and by reading social cues. Cats also have great memory and can recall what they've learned in the past. Studies show that cats have similar cerebra cortices with similar lobes as humans.


Dogs have the ability to learn and think. They are problem solvers and are, by nature, social animals with the ability to interact with each other and with us. Their ability to read human body language and react to it, makes them the only species on other, other than us, to have this skill.


Polly wants a cracker. Yes, he does, and he wants a lot more. Parrots are very smart animals, with the ability to think like a four year old child. Able to us reasoning, the parrot is the only other animal in the world, other than humans and great apes, to have this skill.


We've all heard the expression "bird brain." Well, the next time you hear that, you should ask if, by bird, do they mean crow, because the crow is one of the most smartest animals on earth. They can remember faces as well as we can, and they can conspire with each other.



The elephant may look big and clumsy, but the elephant is among the smartest creatures on the planet. With brains size rivaling that of the sperm whale, it is bigger in relation to their overall body size. Additionally, the elephant's brain cortex has as many neurons as ours.


By now, we all know that monkeys are some of the smartest animals on the planet. But why? Well, it could very well be their ability to pass on knowledge from one generation to the other, similar to humans. No other animal has the ability, making it harder for such a species to progress.


10.Sperm Whale

The Sperm Whale has the largest brain on the planet, weighing in at 17 pounds. To put that into perspective, the human brain only weighs 1300 grams. Does that mean they are more intelligent than use. The answer is NO. There are a lot more components that go into intelligence than brain size.


The dolphin is not only cute, but is one of the smartest mammals in he sea. Their brain aptitude levels are very close to our own giving them self awareness and emotion. The size of their brain relative to their head gives them increased intelligence, similar to that of the ape and humans.


12.Great Apes

When someone calls you an ape, you should take it as a compliment. Great Apes are considered among the smartest animals on earth. Members of the hominid family, these wonderful creatures have language skills that rival human beings. Able to do sign language, they also are the only animals to recognize themselves in a mirror.


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