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People With Amazing Medical Conditions

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 4:08 pm

1.Man Who Never Feels Cold

Wim Hof, a Dutchman, is more commonly known as the Iceman because he is able to survive in temperatures that would kill the average person. The forty eight year old baffled scientists when he swam under ice, climbed Icy Mt. Blanc in shorts and stood in a bin filled with ice.

2.Woman Who Orgasms 200 Times Per Day

Twenty four year old Sarah Carmen suffers from Permanent sexual Arousal Syndrome, or PSAS, where she can have up to 200 orgasms per day, and often does. The syndrome causes and increase of blood flow to her sex organs, making the slightest movements stimulating to her. She wears out her lovers with her insatiable sexual appetite.

3.Forever Fat Free Man

It sounds like a dream when you hear that this man can't get fat. Wouldn't we all wish that? Well, be careful what you wish for. This fifty nine year old man can eat and eat and eat, burgers, pies, cookies, whatever, and never gain an inch of body fat. His condition lipodystrophy burns fat at a rapid rate, not allowing it to be stored in the body.

4.Boy Who Stays Awake 24 Hours A Day

Three year old Rhett Lamb looks like a normal toddler, except for one thing, he can't sleep. Not just one or two nights, here and there, he is unable to sleep at all. Diagnosed with an extremely rare condition, Rhett has chari malformation, where the brain stem is being strangulated in the spinal column.

5.Woman Who Remembers Everything

Imagine being able to remember everything. Sounds great right? Well, now imagine if you couldn't forget anything. That would cause you great pain in certain instances, like a bad break up, or a hurtful word spoken twenty years ago. This forty year old woman suffers from hyperthymestic syndrome, where she can remember, with extreme detail, every moment of her life.

6.Woman Who Is Allergic to Cell Phones

Debbie Bird is a strange duck. The thirty nine year old is allergic to cell phones, as well as microwave ovens, computers and cars. She develops a painful skin rash, with her eyelids swelling up to three times their size. Living in an EMF free zone, she can no longer do some of the things she really enjoyed.

7.Woman Who Cries Blood

Twenty year old Yartiza Oliva cries tears of blood. The Chilean is afflicted with a mysterious condition that arose from prescription eye drops that were prescribed to her for an eye infection and conjunctivitis. Doctors believe she suffers from a rare disorder called haemolacria, of which very little is known.


8.Girl Who Collapses When She Laughs

Cataplexy is a disorder that causes a weakness in the muscles whenever the body experiences a great emotion, such as laughing. For twenty year old Kay Underwood, she gives knew meaning to the phrase, "fell over laughing," because whenever she laughs she collapses, often more than forty times a day since she was diagnosed five years ago.

9.Benjamin Button Brothers

When life imitates art, it's not as entertaining. This is the case for two brothers, Michael and Matthew Clark, aged 42 and 39, respectively. Michael acts like a ten year old, while Matthew has reverted to a toddler. They both suffer from the same neurological disease that affects newborns and has affected one hundred adults in Britain.


10.Girl Who Lives On Only Tic Tacs

Seventeen year old Natalie Cooper will only eat one thing ... Tic Tacs. It's the only thing that doesn't make her sick when she eats it. Unexplainable by doctors, everything she eats upsets her stomach and she is fed through a feeding tube, but Tic Tacs are, for reasons unknown, tolerable.

11.Girl Who Grows Fingernails Instead of Hair

In 2009, Isom had an allergic reaction to steroids that she took for asthma. What happened after that is baffling, even to doctors. Instead of growing hair, her body was producing fingernails out of her hair follicles. After being admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in August 2011, it was determined that her body produces twelve times the number of skin cells per follicle, suffocating her skin, and creating fingernails instead of hair shafts.


12.Girl Allergic To Water

Ashleigh Morris is just a nineteen year old teenager, but her problems are much worse than boys and fitting in. Oddly enough, she is allergic to water of any temperature. She has been suffering from Aquagenic Urticaria since she was fourteen years old, making her break out in a painful rash, even if she just sweats.


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