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Really Bizarre Things/Services You Didn't Know You Could Buy Online

Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020, 12:39 pm

1.Wooden Toilet Throne

Every king should have a throne, so what that it might cost $12,000. This wooden throne is a very cool way to relieve yourself. Dating back to the medieval times, the throne has French Merovingian style from the eighth century. Handpainted etchings with earthenware accessories, make this a great piece for any antique collector.

2.Relaxation Relaxman Capsule

Made in Switzerland and distributed in European spas, this Relaxman Relaxation Capsule can be yours for $39,995. With a body temperature heated water matress and preprogrammed music with lights, you are immediately put into a relaxed state of body and mind. A fifty minute nap in the capsule is enough to reduce stress and depression.

3.Tiki Hut

If you have $14,000 you can have your very own tiki hut, complete with grass top and working wet bar inside. A great addition to any yard, poolside or not, this tiki hut keeps you cool like the islanders. Who wouldn't like the island feel right in their own back yard?

4.Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

It's gross enough that your shower gel is coming out of a replica of a nose, but to have the gel be green just adds to yuk factor. Yep, this shower gel dispenser makes your shower gel look like snot. Now we must ask why. Why would anyone want to shower in snot, or pretend to?

5.JL421 Babonkadonk Battle Tank

For those of you who thought a badonkadonk was your rear end, think again. /the JL421 Badonkadonk sells for $19,999.95, and is a battle tank that can transport cargo, or can be used as a vessel for up to five people. It can be driven from up top or from within.

6.World's Largest Book

Selling for $15,000, the world's largest book, Bhutan: A visual Odyssey Across The Kingdom, weights one hundred and thirty three pounds. Standing five feet by seven feet tall, the book is one hundred and twelve pages long with a personal dedication page in each individual book. It takes up to two months to be built to order, with all proceeds going to Friendly Planet.

7.Apollo 17 Astronaut Space Suit

A 100% real deal astronaut suit from Apollo 17. It was for sale on Amazon, but has since sold, but other suits may become available. Imagine waring a real astronauts suit that has been in space. It would be out of this world, right? Well, stand by and keep on looking.


8.2003 Five Cent Coin

Now this is strange. People are paying $4.55 for a nickel. It must be a collectors item, but it just seems like an oxymoron to pay more than a nickel for a nickel, doesn't it? Well, it must not be that strange because these things sell and for 9100% more than they are worth.

9.Unicorn Meat

Joke or no joke, this Unicorn Meat is really on sale, and even more disturbing, people actually buy it. So just for the sake of making sure everyone is on the same page. Unicorns do not exist, so by reason of deduction, unicorn meat in a can can't exist either.


10.Radioactive Unranium Ore

Who buys radioactive uranium ore? Apparently people on Amazon have uses for this product, such as making fireworks or breeding an atomic superman. Strange but true, it seems you can find mostly anything you want online, but when the front label reads caution, it's probably not that great of an idea.

11.Fat Replicas

This fat replica was listed on Amazon. Described as a "grossly dramatic replica of five pounds of human fat," it might make you never want to eat a fattening thing ever again. When you see what fat actually looks like is extremely unappetizing, and knowing that it is sitting beneath your skin, is motivation enough to start exercising.



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