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Sad Reality Of Ronald McDonald

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:13 am

1.Ronald McDonald Lounging

Ronald McDonald started out as an easy-going guy. His sunny disposition made kids from all over the world smile with glee. He didn't take life too seriously and usually takes things as they come. During his off days, he would often be seen lounging around and soaking up the sun on a nearby park bench.

2.He Respected the Police

Like most people around the world, Ronald McDonald had nothing but respect for men in uniform. Anytime he saw the police he would praise them and stand aside so they could do their job. He was grateful that the police were there to stop crime and keep the streets safe.

3.Helping the Elderly

Ronald McDonald wanted to do his part to help those in need; just like police officers tend to do. So whenever McDonald saw an elderly person, he would lend a helping hand. He also tried to motivate the elderly by giving them a pat on the back every now and then.

4.Ronald McDonald became an Icon

After doing hundreds of commercials, billboards and personal appearances, Ronald McDonald became an icon all over the world. He was a superstar and recognized wherever he went. Ronald McDonald became so popular that even random people began to bow at his feet and worship him every time they saw him.

5.Ronald McDonald is a Heartthrob

Ronald McDonald even made women swoon over him. He went from hanging out on park benches alone, to having women from all over approaching him. These women didn't ask for autographs or hugs, they just wanted to give McDonald kisses on the cheek instead. And being the good guy he was, Ronald humbly obliged.

6.Ronald McDonald Binge Drinking

As Ronald McDonald's fame grew, he decided to start partying and embracing his wild side. He would go out drinking for hours at a time with friends. Sadly, Ronald McDonald would drink entirely too much. He would often wake up each morning with his face submerged in a public bathroom urinal.

7.Ronald McDonald After Partying

Ronald McDonald enjoyed partying, but it soon took a toll on his body. All of those nights of partying and drinking led to Ronald losing his hair. The friendly guy, who always had a smile on his face at work, began looking depressed and unhappy to even come to work in the morning.


8.Ronald McDonald Harassing Women

Ronald McDonald was no longer a ladies man due to his deteriorating looks. Because women would no longer come up to him and ask for kisses, Ronald took matters into his own hands. He began harassing random women that he saw on the street. He would touch them without their consent.

9.Ronald McDonald Soliciting Women

Harassing women off the street didn't last long, though. When Ronald McDonald saw that pestering random women on the street could lead to some serious trouble, he thought up a new way to get attention. He began soliciting women off the street who he knew offered massages with a twist.


10.Ronald McDonald Got Women with Ease

Ronald McDonald was back to being a ladies man. Women were throwing themselves at him left and right. Women couldn't help but want to touch him, grab him or even give him a hug or two. Ronald McDonald loved every moment of it and allowed any woman to come up and give him a hug.

11.Ronald McDonald Gets More Than Hugs

Ronald McDonald's charisma made women fall head over heels for him. They couldn't help themselves around Ronald McDonald. Those innocent little kisses on the cheek turned into full-blown make out sessions and in public too. He didn't kiss the women back, but he didn't stop them from kissing him either.


12.Ronald McDonald Got Fellatio

Kissing can lead to other things and Ronald McDonald was well aware of that fact. These women became even more brazen and would give Ronald McDonald more than just a peck on the lips. These women were so enamored with Ronald that they began performing bedroom acts on him in public.

13.Ronald McDonald had Public Romps

Sometimes Ronald McDonald would be sitting and minding his own business when a woman would come along. She didn't even have to ask him if he wanted to fool around. McDonald welcomed the attention that women gave him. Some women would come around during the day and others would come at night.

14.Ronald McDonald Makes Women Take Their Clothes Off

Ronald McDonald had a way of making women do things they normally wouldn't do. Most women would mess around with Ronald McDonald in public. So they would stay fully clothed. But then there were some women who wanted to make their experience memorable, so they would strip for Ronald McDonald.

15.Ronald McDonald and His Extreme Escapades

Women even went to extreme lengths just to be close to Ronald McDonald. They knew he could be kissed by any woman, so they had to get creative with the way they pursued him. Ronald was amused by their antics and was a willing participant. He didn't care who got hurt, just as long as he was happy.

16.Ronald McDonald Got Attention from Men Too

Ronald McDonald's need and desire for attention grew. While he enjoyed the affection he got from women, he didn't turn down men either. Men would often try to give Ronald McDonald a kiss. And being the friendly guy he was, Ronald smiled and allowed them to do whatever they wanted.

17.Ronald McDonald Allowed Men to Touch Him

Men soon also wanted more than just a simple huge or kiss from Ronald McDonald. Being the free-spirit that he was, McDonald didn't turn down the advances from men. Sometimes Ronald McDonald was so caught up in the moment, that he would allow activities to happen right in the restaurant with people around.

18.Ronald McDonald Loves Kids

Ronald McDonald's constant need for attention made him appear creepy at times. Ronald McDonald has spent his entire career catering to kids and making them laugh. He was, and still is, loved by kids all over the world. However, he did exhibit some questionable behavior with the kiddies at times.

19.Ronald McDonald Homeless Lifestyle

Ronald McDonald's life in the fast lane caught up with him one day. His reckless lifestyle led to him being homeless. He would often be seen walking around aimlessly, with dirty clothes on. He wasn't drinking like before, but he did always have a cigarette in his mouth. He kept all of his belongings in a stolen shopping cart.

20.Ronald McDonald Arrested for His Behavior

Ronald McDonald became a shadow of his former self. The guy, who once respected the police, was being taken into custody. The police would pick him up for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Because of his intoxicated state, the police would often have to drag him into the police station.

21.Ronald McDonald Not Happy Being Arrested

Ronald McDonald was arrested on several occasions and he was not happy at all. He would still do his best to wave to all his fans and friends while in the back of the police vehicle. However, there wasn't an inkling of a smile on his face while he was taken into custody.

22.Ronald McDonald's Displaced Anger

Ronald McDonald was angry with himself for all the trouble he had gotten himself into. He was no longer the happy-go-lucky person the world once knew him as. Instead of taking his anger out in the gym, he became violent and would try to hurt innocent bystanders, some of which were kids.

23.Ronald McDonald's Life-Changing Moment

Ronald McDonald was in a downward spiral. He seemed to have lost sight of who he was. Grimace, The Hamburglar, and Mayor McCheese all cut him off because of his reckless actions. It wasn't until he was held at gunpoint and saw his life flash before his eyes, that he realized how far gone he was.

24.Ronald McDonald's Demise

Ronald McDonald's epiphany had come too late. He was standing in a local McDonald's restaurant when Jack from 'Jack in the Box' walked in with a gun and shot Ronald in the chest. Customers and employees scattered and Ronald McDonald was left in the middle of the restaurant to die alone.


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