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Safest Cars

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 10:05 am

1.Mercedes M Class

This car is safe for a number of reasons. First, it is big so it can take a lot of punishment. Second it has all of the latest technology that you would expect from them, and finally it is a Mercedes and surely that counts for a lot all on its own? This is one fantastic car and one you should feel very safe in.

2.Lexus RX 400h

This car has quite a lot of weight behind it and that does help you out in a collision. It also has all of the latest safety technology on the market as well as a lot of airbags and also that all important low center of gravity that means you would need to do something quite spectacular to roll it over.

3.Acura MDX

This car is full of airbags, stability technology, it is almost impossible to roll over, and overall it is a vehicle that you would love to drive because you just feel safe and secure behind the wheel. It also has substantial crumple zones, so if you are indeed in a collision all of that energy should be absorbed without it hitting you too hard.

4.Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is probably not a big surprise because the four wheel drive system on this model is one of the best in the business. It does mean that it can handle basically any condition and they also take a number of pieces of technology from Mercedes Benz, so that alone should make you feel a bit safer about either being in it as a driver or a passenger in the first place.

5.Honda CR-V

This model from Honda is very nimble to handle, it can come with all wheel drive if you wish it to do so and it also has a low center of gravity and that means that it is very difficult to roll it unless you are going at crazy speeds. Overall, this vehicle is exceptionally well built and you should feel nice and safe no matter if you are the driver or the passenger.

6.Land Rover LR3

This vehicle is not exactly the lightest out there on the market, but at the same time it is capable of absorbing a lot of power if you are unfortunate enough to be in a collision. It does also contain a lot of brand new safety technology that should reduce the chance of anything happening unless something occurs that is completely out of your control.

7.Range Rover Sport

This vehicle is of course four wheel drive and it is also very sturdy when it comes to how it is built and that is something that really does play a major part in making sure that it is safe on the roads. It is big, it is easy to handle, and the chances of you being in an incident does just depend on the quality of your driving.


8.Nissan Armada

This vehicle can perhaps be classed as being safe because the sheer size of it means that if you are in any collision, then you should be absolutely fine sitting inside. The vehicle is rugged, it is strong, and it can withstand a lot of pressure making this one of the safest vehicles out there.

9.Ford Edge

This vehicle may be quite big, but at the same time Ford have certainly done their bit when it comes to making it as safe as possible. This model comes with traction control, it has fantastic brakes and basically you should have no problems driving it unless you are extremely unfortunate to say the least.


10.Toyota Sienna

Ignore the fact that Toyota have had a few issues recently when it comes to safety because overall they are actually rather good at what they do. This model for example is one of only three minivans that make it on a list of safest vehicles on the road, so considering how many examples there are out there it is pretty impressive stuff.

11.Mercedes E-Class

This car is all-wheel drive and that certainly makes a difference when it comes to how safe it is to drive. This model just gives you much better grip and control when you are behind the wheel and that is the one thing that is going to make sure that the chances of you having an accident are greatly reduced.


12.Audi A6

The reason why this powerful car is so safe is because of how easy it is to drive. The brakes are fantastic, the handling is immense, and unless you are an absolute idiot you should not be losing control at any point. However, it is also going to protect you when you are inside and overall it really is an amazing car.


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