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Scariest Warning Signs

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:23 pm

1.Scary Dog

This sign is one of the best, and most truthful. It makes you think and deters anyone who thinks they can get around the guard dog, or outrun it. Three seconds is pretty quick, it's about the time it takes to say A-B-C. Can you run that fast, and would you even want to try?

2.Instant death

Now how can anyone pay the fine if they die? A weirdly funny sign that would be hard to take seriously, however it should be highly effective in keeping away those who had any inkling of touching those wires. The bigger question is why there is a way for anyone to touch such deadly wires.

3.Leftovers Fed To Dogs

A pretty horrid result for anyone trespassing on this property. Not only will they be shot, but their bodies will be mutilated in many ways, and then if that isn't enough, their carcass will be fed to the dogs. Hey, at least they'll boil you so that the dogs get some tender meat.


Kind of a graphic way to tell people to stay out of the water, but very effective. Pictures speak volumes, and in this case it's telling swimmers that there is every reason to believe they can lose a limb if they proceed. There is no doubt or anything left to the imagination, don't go in the water.

5.Dog Inside

The owners of this sign do not even have to put up a sign that says, "Beware of Dog." The picture of the dog alone is enough to scare anyone away from the property. The funny part is that they probably have a tiny Chihuahua, if they have a dog at all.

6.Alcohol Consumption Causes Pregnancy

Now this sign is just pure ridiculous, but to some guys it may deter them from not taking precautions both with drinking and one night stands. The two seem to go hand in hand making this sign pack a double whammy for unsuspecting young men and women, who might think it's true.

7.Scary Sign

This sign is scary and fun all at the same time. Warning that there is a scary sign is odd, but it gets the message across. Whoever put that sign up wants you to beware, but is not telling you what you should beware of. Tread carefully, and make sure you take a flashlight.


8.Penguins Will Bite

It's bad enough that penguins bit, but you have to look under your car for them? This sign is a great warning against these dangerous penguins. Who knew, those waddling little butlers had a bad side. It seems this is not the Happy Feet kind of penguins, that's for sure.

9.Recognize, Retreat, Report

This park doesn't seem worth visiting if you have to be on guard and looking for "suspicious objects." It doesn't seem as though the rest of the sign is necessary though. If you saw an explosive object, would you automatically retreat and get away from it? As for the reporting part, it seems as if they already know what's there.


10.Remote Areas

This is definitely an "enter at your own risk" area that would deter even the gutsiest of people. Remote areas ahead is one thing, but this sign makes it sound as if you will never emerge from the other side. At least there is a sign warning people, but there are always going to be those who don't heed the warning.

11.Tresspassers Wanted For Medical Experiments

This sign is really scary, especially if it's true. It doesn't seem like many people would want to take the risk either way. Whoever posted this sign is obviously serious about keeping people out. It doesn't seem like there is any way out, because the alligator will eat you in the end.


12.Eaten By A Monster

What does this sign really mean? Is there a monster behind that rocky mountain? And if so, is the sign telling you to drive faster so the monster doesn't get you? Seems that if a driver saw that sign they would put the pedal to the metal and get the heck out of there.


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