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Strange Places Where Dead Bodies Have Been Found

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 7:30 pm

1.Body Found on the Set of CSI

A mummified body of a man was found in the same building that CSI the popular TV show was being filmed. This bizarre twist caused shock-waves as the real police tried to decipher the cause. The body was only found because he had not paid his rent for some time. Investigations continue.

2.Fan Found dead At Lil' Kim's Birthday Bash

Ingrid Rivera was found dead in a closet type cubical at Lil Kim's birthday bash at a night club. Rivera was only 24 years old. Police were puzzled as to how she died as well as how she had gotten into the said cubical. Reports stated that Rivera was found drunk in the men's bathrooms so was ordered to leave. No one saw her again after that incident.

3.Upset Fan Is Found dead Outside Paula Abdul's Home

Paula Goodspeed was found dead outside of Abdul's home after taking an overdose in her car. The fan had felt humiliated after trying out for American Idol and it had all got too much for her.

4.Man Ticketed Several Times For Being dead!

Although John Waldo had been reported missing no one realized that his dead body was sitting in his vehicle rotting. Instead of finding him, police simply ticketed the car several times over a two week period. One cop reported a stench around the car thinking someone had left some rubbish laying about.

5.Woman dies At Work and No One Notices

A woman died at her desk and nobody noticed. Rebecca Wells was an employee at the Department of Internal Services. She had been dead for over 24 hours when someone finally noticed. She was sitting hunched over her desk in her cubical.

6.Strange Unexplained death

This death involves a gym mat and a school. Kendrick Johnson's body was found rolled up in a gym mat at his Georgia school. The most bizarre part of this find includes the fact that officials said it appears to be an accident. It was later reported that Johnson's insides had been removed and he had been stuffed with paper. How that can be an accident is beyond anyone's imagination.

7.Fancy Hotel death

Some deaths and some bodies are hard to forget. This bizarre tail involves Michael Hutchinson from the band INXS and his death in 1997. Hutchinson was found dangling from a door handle by the neck in his fancy hotel room. Around his neck was a belt and scattered about his naked body were various drugs and bottles of booze. It was decided that Hutchinson had accidentally died when practicing [email protected] coupled with auto-erotic asphyxiation.


8.Time Travel

Finding bodies in strange places make us gasp with horror. How about a body found in a time capsule of sorts? A Croatian woman was recently found dead in front of her TV. The problem was she had been dead and in that position for 42 years! The police said it was like walking about in a time capsule. There were things in that room they had never seen or had not seen in a very long time.

9.A Corpse Found On The Couch 10 Years Later

A body was found recently on a sofa that had been left there for ten years. The body was that of a homeless man that had visited Alan Derek for a drink then had fallen asleep. Derek panicked when he realized the homeless man had died in his sleep and so left him there. Ten years passed and all that was left of the homeless man was a pile of bones and dust.


10.The Hospital Stairway

The body of a 57 year old woman was found on the stairwell at a San Francisco hospital 17 days after she had gone missing. She had checked in with a bladder infection and went missing two days later. It is suspected that she somehow got locked into the 4th story stairwell and had subsequently died.

11.Body Found Frozen

A body is found in an abandoned warehouse frozen in a lift along with garbage. No one knows how the person got here, what happened or who he was.


12.Strange Place To Find a Body

Nothing can be more frustrating than poor water pressure, which is what the guests at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles were complaining about to the hotel manager. The reason lead to plumbers finding Elisa Lam's body at the bottom of a cistern in the water tanks on the roof of the hotel. Lam's death was ruled as suicide due to bi-polar disorder.


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