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36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 8:10 am

You already know how creative humans are! We are the problem solvers of the planet (we are the problem creators too). There is always something in the form of technology or gadget to solve many of our day-to-day problems. However, most of us don't know about them! Such highly creative devices are not sold in the local stores! Someone sitting in a distant foreign country comes up with a creative gadget idea, makes the gadget, and sells it on websites like Amazon and eBay. Such gadgets are extremely useful. Some of them are pointless and plain stupid too! Here are 36 such strangest, coolest and weirdest gadgets we think you haven't seen before! 

#2 Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Flatulence is something every person does. Even though it's a bodily function that we all do, it's not something you want to smell. This Flatulence Filtering underwear cuts down on that odor that sometimes comes along with passing gas. Once you put on a pair, even if your gas has an odor, no one around you will smell it.

Flatulence Filtering Underwear-36 Strangest Gadgets That You Can Buy

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