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Strangest Giveaways Ever

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 4:02 pm

1.Toothpick holder

This is another strange baseball linked item, although in a strange way you can also see the sense in it due to it holding toothpicks. The modeling is at least pretty good and you could use it, so overall it is not too bad just a bit strange if you have to model a toothpick holder.

2.What the??

Baseball has had its fair share of giveaway items, but surely this has to be one of the strangest. It just looks extremely strange from the outset and it does not matter how big a fan you are of them surely you are going to question why you would want this product?

3.Air guitar

Well at least there are going to be enough of these air guitars to go around everybody as there is a constant supply of them. However, there is no doubt that this is quite clever from a marketing point of view and the radio station has done very well to use them in order to get more publicity.


Believe it or not, but there is the possibility of a company giving away these small plastic knives and you have to wonder as to why they would even think about doing that? They may be small, but they can still be deadly and surely that would work against the company and cause them a bit of a PR headache?

5.Plastic teeth

These plastic vampire teeth were produced for the sake of the movie The Vampire Archives. The product itself is cheap and pretty useless, but at least the people behind it did try to make it suitable for the movie, so they need to get some credit.

6.Blood bag

As you can see this bag of blood was used as a promotional giveaway for the movie Thirst and even though it does link in with the movie is that going to be something that people would want? There is no point in having a promotional product that nobody likes, so you have to question the sense in this item.

7.Fox fur tie

This tie was used to promote the film Fantastic Mr Fox and you can kind of see the point in it. However, who is going to actually wear this? Surely if you were handed it you would end up throwing it straight into the trash because that just cannot go with anything else you own.



You just hope that these brushes are actually going to be used, but it is still a strange idea that you give them away as a promotional product. The only problem is that you better watch out that people do not think that you are telling them they have bad breath.

9.Car pen

In some ways you can see why somebody would want to use this kind of item as a giveaway, but it just does not seem to really work well as a pen. The entire object just comes across as being too big and bulky for it to sit in your hand, so this is more for decoration than being practical.


10.Smoking banana peels

This is actually rolling papers for smoking, but they were given away by a band trying to promote their latest song. You do have to sit and wonder who came up with this idea and why they thought it was a good idea because it just does not make sense even though it would surely attract some attention.

11.Wind up teeth

So this might be strange, but at the same time it is also exceptionally clever. Clearly the strange factor would be increased if it was not linked to an orthodontic centre, but why would anybody want these wind up teeth anyway?


12.Tape dispenser

Well this is a very strange giveaway because even though a tape dispenser is going to be quite useful it does look as if it is sitting on the toilet. Surely the design should have been thought through a bit better because there is just something not quite right here.


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