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Strangest Promotions And Combos

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 1:33 pm

1.Free tent!!

Yes you are reading this correctly. This Sony phone comes with a free tent, but at what point does the phone and the tent end up being linked together like some bosom buddies? Yes you may use a phone in a tent, but you never buy both together and this is the strange part in it all.

2.Clever wording

This bar is being very clever in their wording because even though you are not actually getting any kind of special deal it does still sound good, at least at first, before you discover you are getting nothing free. This must have got some more customers through the door and lets face it that is the main thing.


This restaurant seems to have the wrong idea as to what constitutes a special promotion. So by promoting your meal via your Instagram account it seems to be the case that they will come out and whack you over the head until you have a concussion. Does that seem fair to you? Is it something that you would run and do?

4.A deal you cannot miss

The worrying thing is that this kind of deal does indeed exist and there have also been several adverts appearing in newspapers promoting this special offer. It is quite scary to realize that some companies feel that a car and a gun actually do go together, but what is the fascination that it has to be a rifle that is given away?

5.What a deal!

In some ways this is strange, but in other ways it is actually a very clever marketing ploy and you do wonder how many of these special coupons were cashed in 9 months later. Of course they are playing on Valentine's Day, but hey at least there is a free cot in it for you.

6.A pizza cutter?

At first glance you would hope that somebody had just pushed this pizza cutter into the handle of the bottle of fabric softener and that they do not actually go together. However, that is not the case because they do go together and you have to question the sanity of the person that came up with this idea. Who wants both of these things at the same time??

7.Free headphones?

So why has a company such as Neutrogena decided that it would be a good idea to give some headphones away with their cream cleanser? Does it make such a noise when you are using it that headphones seems like a good idea to block it out?


8.What an offer!!

Wow how are they going to survive and actually be able to honor this deal? If you buy 3, then you get them for the price of...3!! How cool is that to go and pay full price for something that is being passed off as some kind of special deal?


OK so what you have here free with your lactic acid are some mosquito repellants. Yes that is right, mosquito repellants and you need to stop and think about why they believed that this would be a fantastic special offer. At what point do they even go together? What kind of kinky stuff was this marketing person up to?


10.Try jeans, get a phone

Just read the instructions on here and say that this is not a strange promotion. Why would they give away a free phone when all you need to do is try on a pair of jeans at their store? Clearly there has to be some kind of catch or they would just lose so much money it would hardly be worth their while doing this?

11.Tape and oil

Yes you are actually looking at a special deal whereby you get duct tape and oil together for one special price. What exactly is the link between the two? Is there any particular reason that the store believed that anybody that wanted one of these items would automatically want the other as well?


12.Mouse and whiskey?

Yes in Japan good old Johnnie Walker had a combo whereby you got a free mouse with a bottle of whiskey. You do wonder as to what this is all about because how does one link to the other in any way? Surely they would have been better off giving something free to help with a hangover instead?


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