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Tasty Low Calorie Snack Ideas

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:49 am

1.Bean Chili and Basmati Rice

Cooked in mostly water, beans are packed with goodness and the taste quotient can really be ramped up by adding masala and various spices. Store in the fridge for a great low calorie snack.

2.Re-Think Lettuce

Lettuce can be used as shells for anything, from tuna salad to chicken salad. Served with a dollop of reduced fat hummus and carrot sticks it makes for a super tasty low calorie snack.


Popcorn is a great non fattening snack to keep away the urge to binge. You get to chew and enjoy good flavor at the same time. Do not add butter of course and cook in low calorie oils or buy the low fat micro-wave type.

4.Yummy Fruit Crepe

Even crepe's can be enjoyed with reduced fat cream and fresh fruit. This makes you feel less deprived as the colors are great and the taste is even better. If you find the cream is not sweet enough miss in some low sugar sweetener.

5.Carrots with Hummus

Crunchy carrots and flavored hummus is another great tasty snack. The crunch of the carrots makes you feel satisfied.

6.Low Fat Soup

Soups packed with vegetables and that are fat free not only feed your body with high nutrient content but can also be placed in the fridge for a light snack. Think out of the box when keeping hunger pains away.

7.Healthy Snacking Can Be Fun

When snacking think, low fat, reduced fat, low calories and no sugar and you should be fine. Dips can be enjoyed with cut up cucumber, cucumber wraps make a delicious alternative to Sushi and you can pack with haloumi cheese and other tasty bits.



Almonds are packed with goodness and quite tasty too. A small bowl of almonds can fight hunger pains while boosting your goodness intake. Roasted almonds taste particularly good.

9.Get The Crunch

Sometimes when we snack we miss the taste and the crunch factor. Try reduced fat hummus with low calorie low fat pita bread and a crunchy vegetable.


10.Brussels Sprouts

Brussels can be tasty as a salad. Cook up with leeks, white beans, garlic and pine nuts then add a dash of lemon and freshly ground black pepper. The food can be cooled and then eaten as a grazing salad.


Fruit is still the best and quickest low calorie snack around. Don't think just apples and bananas, rather increase your scope by adding raspberries and other fruits in season. Many fruits are known for their diuretic qualities too.


12.Low Calorie Wraps

Yes! You can enjoy wraps, which are quick and easy to make. Keep the actually wrap itself to wholegrain and stuff it full of great healthy low fat ingredients. Turkey, lettuce, tomato and even reduced fat Mayo can be used.


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