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The Coolest Backyards

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:07 am

1.Get the train

The question here is actually who is having the most fun, the kids or the dad? There is a good chance that it will be the dad, but it is still a cool idea to have in your backyard as long as you have the space. This is easy to set up, but it will keep the kids entertained and that is the main thing.

2.Open air stage

If your kids love to dress up and act, then surely having an open air stage in the backyard is going to be such a cool thing to build? Imagine how much they will love being able to perform here and as long as you put some chairs up for the audience, then they will be happy.

3.BMX track

How cool is it to have a full BMX track in your backyard? OK you do need a lot of space in order to build this, but if you do have that and your kids love BMX, then is there anything better that you could build for them?

4.A funky waterslide

This waterslide is completely different, but the chances of parents building it for their kids will be pretty much non-existent. In this one the person sliding down the black slide goes into the wooden thing in the middle and slides around it. The person on the other slide is thrown through the air with it timed perfectly so that they do not hit one another. Sounds like the work of teenagers.

5.Ice hockey?

OK so if you love ice hockey, then this is going to be the absolutely perfect backyard for you. This father spent so much time preparing this that you just hope that everything does not melt before the kids get to really enjoy it.

6.Giant playhouse

This is a giant playhouse and adults are probably looking at this and wishing that it existed when they were kids. How much fun will the kids have playing on this thing? The most difficult part is going to be trying to get them back inside in order to sleep.

7.Ten pin bowling

OK so you do have to go and set the pins up yourself and also fetch your own ball, but this is one cool backyard and it will keep people entertained for hours. Of course it does help if you have a long flat surface to put this on, but if you do what are you waiting for?


8.Connect 4

This backyard is all about games including the giant Connect 4 board in the back. This is certainly going to encourage kids to spend more time outside as opposed to being attached to their Playstation.

9.Go to the movies

This is such a cool idea for kids as this parent has decided to turn their backyard into a drive in movie theatre. They have even managed to make cardboard cars and can you imagine how much the kids are going to love this when they set eyes on it?


10.A roller coaster?

Ok so the rest of the backyard is nothing special, but it does have its own rollercoaster in it and that alone is going to make it completely different to anything else you have seen. How do you even start to come up with this idea?

11.A luge slide?

This is actually real as a father built a luge track in his backyard for his kids to play on during winter. This took a lot of work, but you can imagine the amount of fun that they would have had as a result of all of his hard work.



You know something, the rest of this backyard could be in a mess and you would just not care. This is just such a cool idea and if you are not looking at your own yard and wondering how you can fit one of these pool tables into it, then you are not human.


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