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The Creepiest Places On Planet Earth

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:16 am

1.Beelitz military hospital

This military hospital near Berlin is certainly freaky due to the links it has to the wars and the amount of pain and suffering that went on in there. There is just something about abandoned hospitals that are scary and this one is certainly no exception.

2.Sedlec Ossuary

This entire place in the Czech Republic is made out of human bones and you have to say that it is rather freaky to look at. Imagine walking in there and being surrounded by all of those people, but they are all dead and just there being displayed.


At first glance this looks like a quaint town, but that is before you find out that it is connected to the story of Dracula. As soon as you learn that single fact your opinion of it changes completely and you can understand why when you think about how creepy the story turns out to be.


This ghost city is seriously freaky and if you ever go there be prepared to be creeped out all of the time. This town in China is 2000 years old and it is the age that really does get to you because you think about everything that has gone on there over the years and that alone plays with your mind.

5.Winchester mystery house

This house is just very, very strange indeed because it just sprawls out all over the place and this is entirely due to a story that means the place has to always be under construction. It is all linked to it being haunted and just visiting there will creep you out.

6.Matsuo ghost mine

OK so the mist here is probably adding to the feeling you get from this place, but this particular ghost town really will spook you if you ever end up going there. You will find this place in the north of Japan and it was abandoned in the 1970's. However, even though the buildings are abandoned it is this mist that is creepy.

7.Isla de las Munecas

This place basically means island of the dolls and there is no doubt that it is a very spooky place to visit. There is a story behind it, but if you are ever in Aztec country, then do try to avoid going as it could really freak you out by doing so.


8.Prague's Jewish cemetery

The reason why this place is so spooky is simply because of the way in which it is overcrowded and the burials just seem to be on top of one another. It is creepy, it is disorganized, and ultimately it is a place that you want to avoid after dark.


This is known as battleship island, but it was all linked to mining and the place has since been abandoned leading to it becoming one heck of a spooky place to visit. The buildings are just shells and overall this is not a place for the faint-hearted.


10.Hellingly Hospital

This was an asylum for the insane in England, but as you can see it was abandoned a number of years ago. However, the fact that it was abandoned is actually a main reason as to why it is now so creepy because can you imagine walking around here on your own and not being scared?

11.Catacombs of Paris

OK so anything that includes a lot of skulls and human bones has to be classed as creepy. However, this is due to the graveyards being full in the 17th and 18th century, so they piled them up like this to stop them from leaking into the water supply.


12.Aokigahara Forest

The reason why this forest at the base of Mt Fuji is so creepy is because it is known as the suicide forest. A number of people have decided to go there to end their lives, so you never know what or who you are going to come across the next time you go for a walk there.


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