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Things To Consider Before Buying A New Car

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:31 pm


When you purchase a new vehicle you don't have to worry much about warranty, but on a pre-owned vehicle it may already be out of warranty. In that case, you can purchase additional warranty for your new car. Make sure to do this. If anything goes wrong, and it will quicker in a pre-owned vehicle, you want to be covered.

2.Financing Rates

Be careful with financing rates. Sometimes those hidden costs can creep up on you and make a great deal jump up out of your price range. Different banks offer different financing rates and if the dealership offers you one bank that doesn't work, you may have to get your own loan at another bank.

3.Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is very important and can make a great deal on a car not so great. If you end up spending too much in fuel you will defeat the purpose of the savings you got on your car. Do some online research and find out which types of cars get the most miles to the gallon.


Options such as what type GPS, touch screen, heated seats, etc., all come at an additional cost. Check to see what options are available in the particular vehicle that you are looking to buy. If there is an option that is a deal breaker, then you will know ahead of time before you fall in love with the car.

5.Rebates And Incentives

At most dealerships there are rebates and incentives to make their vehicles more appealing. Read the fine print and make sure that what you think you are getting is what you are really getting. Rebates can be a great way to save some money on your new purchase and incentives are always nice.

6.Safety Rating

Do some research on the safety rating of the car. You want a car that will protect you in an accident and not just crumble, leaving you vulnerable to accidents. If you have children, this is especially important. Check the rating and make sure you are buying a safe car.


Check out the equipment that the car has and make sure it has what you want. With a new vehicle you can pick and choose what you want, ultimately giving you a custom made car, but on pre-owned you might have to compromise on some of the bells and whistles.


8.Insurance Costs

Insurance costs can be a killer on some vehicles, especially if you live in a high crime neighborhood. Check out insurance costs for the vehicle you plan to buy before you make the final purchase. You may find that the insurance costs put you out of budget and under water.

9.Resale Value

Check out the resale value of the car you are planning to buy. You don't want to end up with a car that isn't worth much after you get done making all the payments. There are sites online that can help with that. A car already loses a lot of value the minute you drive it off the lot, so do your homework.



Know your budget when going to look for a new car, then search out sticker prices in that range. There is always some wiggle room for haggling the price with the dealership or owner, but it won't drop that much. To avoid being disappointed, shop within your range.

11.How Does It Drive

Take the car for a test drive and make sure it drives well. It is also a great idea to have your mechanic take a look at it. This is especially important when buying a pre-owned vehicle because something may work well today but might show wear and tear to your mechanic, with signs of going soon.


12.Do You Like The Way It Looks

The first thing is to make sure you like the way your car looks. You will probably be driving it for the next four or five years. If it's new, you can choose the color and interior, and really pick out something that appeals to your taste. If it's pre-owned, the choices may be a little more limited, but you can still walk away with something you love.


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