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Things You Didn't Know About Canada

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 5:25 pm

1.Ogopogo: The Sea Creature of Canada

Seth Rogen isn't the only sea creature often spotted in Canada. Ogopogo is the so-called sea creature spotted in the Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. Ogopogo sightings were first reported as early as the 19th century. The Ogopogo is said to have been seen before the Loch Ness Monster came into existence.

2.Macaroni and Cheese is an Obsession

Macaroni and Cheese is a staple dish in American families; it's served all the time, but especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The truth is, Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than Americans. Statistics show that Canadians eat about 50 percent more than Americans. About 7 million boxes of macaroni aresold worldwide each week, with Canadians eating 1.7 million of them.

3.Santa Claus Knows All Languages

Not only does Santa Claus know when you're sleeping, but he also knows several different languages. In an effort to keep the illusion of Jolly Old St. Nick alive,Canada Post volunteers answer over 1 million letters in 30 different languages, including braille, ever year. Canadian residents are asked to address their letters to: SANTA CLAUS NORTH POLE H0H 0H0 CANADA

4.Canadian Music

Variety is supposed to be the spice of life, but that's not the motto in Canada. About 35 to 50 percent of all music broadcast on Canadian radio, must be Canadian. The county doesn't rule out playing diverse music, but Canadian music seems to be the main tunes to listen to. The people of Canada must be subjected to hearing Justin Bieber's annoying music non-stop.

5.Green Ink on Money Comes from Canada

The color of money varies from country to country. In the United States, the bills are primarily green. Although the USA has changed the appearance of its money over the years, the ink used was invented somewhere else. The green ink used for American money was developed at McGill University in Montreal, in 1857, by Thomas Sterry Hunt.

6.Canada Day = BEER

People indulge in beer-drinking for holidays, birthdays or just because they can. Beer and Canada Day go together like peas and carrots. It has been reported that Canadian residents drink approximately 1.2 million liters of beer over the country's birthday long weekend, and that figure is just from government-owned liquor stores. Canada is celebrated on July 1.

7.Peanut Butter was Made in Montreal

You can't have jelly without peanut butter! Peanut Butter dates back to 1884, when Montreal pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson created the creamy peanut buttery substance we all know and love today. Edison invented peanut butter as an alternative food option for people who have trouble chewing. Today, peanut butter comes in various flavors, as well as in a powdered form.


8.Northern Ontario Tried to Separate

If you thought the north and south of the USA had issues, then you don't know anything about Canada's history. In the 1970s, Northern Ontario attempted to form its own province. This idea was devised by the Northern Ontario Heritage Party and though the plan had some momentum, they were able to bring itto fruition. In 1973, North Bay resident Ed Deibel initiated the separation talk after hearing that the government wanted to implement an increased sales tax. He felt that a separate province would increase the economic growth of the north.

9.Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish isn't the healthiest treat in the world, but they sure are delectable. Despite its name, Swedish Fish is not made in Sweden. These chewy colorful candies are actually made in Hamilton, Ontario. More than 5 billion of these addictive sweet treats are made in Ontario each year. The Hamilton factory manufacturers approximately 13 million Swedish Fish every day.


10.Halls Cough Drops

A bottle of medicine and a pack of Halls Cough Drops are two must-haves for people with colds. Though Halls is widely popular in the USA, those medicinal candies are made in Scarborough, Ontario. The plant, which is located at Bertrand,manufactured more than 6 billion pieces of Halls for the U.S. just last year.

11.McCain French Fries Are Made in New Brunswick

The next time you buy a package of McCain fries from the supermarket, make sure you thank Canada. McCain Foods (which is based in New Brunswick) makes about one-third of all the frozen French fries produced in the world. Additionally, many of those fries come from a $65-million potato processing plant in Florenceville-Bristol. New Brunswick is so well-known for its fries, that is hasbeen named 'The French Fry Capital of the World.'


12.No Swearing in French in Montreal

New York cab drivers would be arrested every minute if they lived in Montreal. It is illegal to swear in French in Montreal. Cursing in English, Spanish or any other language is perfectly acceptable. Now, there is no mention of writing a curse in French, so maybe if the citizens of Montreal want to curse at one another, they can just take turns writing them down.


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