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Things To Do Before You Die

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 3:05 pm

1.Las Vegas

How about getting together some money, traveling to Las Vegas, and be prepared to blow the lot in a big way? This is all about taking a chance with something and waiting to see if you hit the highs or the lows and this alone is going to give you more excitement than you realize.


How about taking yourself off to the desert and experience riding across it on a camel? This is something that you will have seen being done on a number of occasions, so why not try it out for yourself and then combine this with sleeping under the stars for a truly memorable time.

3.Tropical island

How about spending some time on a remote tropical island without any of the modcons that we are now used to. This is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself by doing something that very few people actually do and this is going to be one of the most amazing things you can do in your life.


So many people love the humble elephant, so it makes sense to have riding on one on your bucket list as it will certainly give you an amazing experience and so many memories. They are slow and it may not be the most comfortable ride ever, but it is certainly an amazing thing to do.

5.La Tomatina

Go crazy and get yourself to Spain in order to take part in the chaos that is the La Tomatina festival. As you can see this ends in people having a massive tomato fight with everybody being absolutely covered in it, but having an amazing time. How cool would it be to take part?


Do yourself a major favor and consider driving a supercar before you die just so you can experience the raw power and speed that comes from being behind the wheel. You can easily hire one for a day or even just a few hours and it will certainly give you some amazing memories.

7.Hot air balloon

How about experiencing the world from a different perspective and go for a ride in a hot air balloon? Ok so you do need a head for heights in order to do this, but it can be absolutely spectacular when the weather is perfect and you look down at the earth while being surrounded by absolute peace and quiet.



If you want to have an ultimate party, then you need to consider going to Rio in order to enjoy Carnival. This happens once a year and it is absolutely spectacular and it has to be one of the best places in the world to visit even though you will spend quite a lot of money in doing so.

9.Coast to coast

How about going for a trip of a lifetime and go coast to coast across the US. This trip is going to provide you with a whole host of memories and you will see so much of the country that you will be glad that you arranged it and experienced so many things that the country can offer you.


10.Waterfall shower

How cool does this look? It must be amazing to just sample a shower under a waterfall and seeing how refreshing it can be when everybody around you is just too hot. This has to be a magical thing to do and must be on your list of things to do before you die.


Swimming with a dolphin has to be high on the list of things to do before you die for the vast majority of people as there is just something quite magical about it. As long as you love water you are going to love doing this even if it is just for a few short, but special minutes.



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