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Things Which Are Legal In The US But Illegal In Other Countries

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:15 pm

1.Holding hands

It is illegal to hold hands when in public in Saudi Arabia. It is also illegal to kiss in the country as well, so if you do go there for some reason it is important to keep these things in mind in order to stop yourself from getting into too much trouble.


We take traveling for granted, but that is not possible in North Korea. Instead, you are not allowed to move anywhere unless you have express permission to do so and you just know that the punishments for breaking these laws are going to be that strict that you would not dare to try to do anything.


Yep there are some countries where only certain people are allowed to drive. Laws are strict in Saudi Arabia when it comes to women driving and in North Korea only the ruling elite are actually allowed to both own and drive a vehicle.

4.Strange names

There seems to be this fascination of giving your baby a strange name, but that is not entirely legal in a number of countries. Instead, the likes of Denmark and New Zealand actually have laws in place where they can turn down certain names if they are deemed to be too stupid and indeed they have a list of names that are quite simply not allowed.

5.Chewing gum

Yes chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore unless you get the sugar free variety on prescription. This is a slight relaxing of the laws because before it you could not get it at all, but they allowed this variety to help oral health , but the rest is still illegal.

6.BHA and BHT

These are two preservatives and they are actually found in most packaged foods in the US. Why is this an issue? Quite simply because they are both carcinogenic and dangerous to your health and this is shown by the fact that they are banned in more than 150 countries, but not America.


Corporal punishment is still legal in a number of US states and this does go against what is seen as being acceptable punishment in most of the Western world. Of course this is different from a couple of decades ago where it was more common, but now they prefer alternative punishments to them being spanked.


8.Plastic bag

The humble plastic bag is not legal in every country around the world. Instead, a number of countries have banned their sale due to the environmental damage that they can cause and indeed there are several cities in America that have followed suit.

9.The mullet

The mullet is a classic American hairstyle and indeed it is pretty famous for it around the world. However, there are some countries where it is illegal to have a mullet, and it should be illegal in every country, but Iran is the main one. It is worth noting that they have also banned the ponytail and spikes as well.


10.Incandescent light bulbs

Yep a lot of countries have now banned this type of light bulb, but they are still readily available in the US. They are seen as old fashioned and bad for the environment due to not being efficient enough, but this is something that the US may eventually follow on with themselves.

11.Ketchup at schools

Yes can you even imagine not having any ketchup in the school canteen? Well that is what happened in France when it was banned because they saw it as having a detrimental effect on French cooking and they felt the need to preserve it, therefore, leading to them banning ketchup.


12.Baby walkers

Believe it or not, but they are banned in Canada and indeed buying or owning one could lead to a fine of up to $100,000 or even a trip to jail. It was believed that it would delay the development of the child as they are not doing things naturally, so the law was brought into effect in 2004.


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