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Things Which We Can Learn From Old People

Friday, Mar 20, 2020, 9:54 am

1.Don't Live With Regret

Elderly people can teach us to live without regret. Older people have many regrets, but have learned that life goes on. They also realize life is too short for regrets and treat each day as new and special and a time to have fun.


2.The Value of Traditions

Old people can teach and share traditions with you. Traditions can really add to your life, creating security and continuity in your everyday living.

3.Family Values

Old people can teach us good family values. One's that we can carry on long after they have gone. Values we can teach our own family and children.


4.First Things First

Older people can help you plan your life more effectively to avoid sticky situations in the future like lack of retirement planning or mistakes made with health. Getting advice from an older person is essential.

5.Social Skills

Older people can teach us social skills. How to come across well, how to speak to people in general and how to deal with difficult people too. With age comes experience and this they can share with you.


6.Arts and Crafts

If you want to learn how to knit or crochet it might be best to ask your grandmother. This was a particularly popular art and craft of certain era's and today seems to be a lost art.

7.Matters of The Heart

Older people can often advise and direct us with matters of the heart since they have probably loved and lost over a very long lifetime. We really should listen to what they have to say.


8.How To Cope

Elderly people can teach you how to deal with loss. They lose so many people throughout their lifetime and they understand how devastating it can be. They also know how to keep going and make life better again.


Older people can teach us about life, morals and how to deal with situations. Chances are they have also dealt with something similar in their lifetime. Often wisdom is the gift you get in place of youth.


10.Great Hobbies

Old people also know some great hobbies and can teach you them. From stamp collecting to making clothes, to flower arranging. In those days they didn't have internet, so learned all these things to keep themselves busy.

11.Old People Know The History We Don't Read In Books

Old people have great stories about history, simply because they were there at the time. Depending on how old they are and the further back they can go, this can be really interesting. They also know the history of the town or city you live in, which can be super interesting.


12.Old People Know How To Cook

Old people sure know how to cook. Even if cooking is not their thing, they have gathered up enough knowledge to know some truly great recipes. This is why families often say 'This is my grandmothers secret recipe'. Today with convenience foods so rife we often lose the art of good old home cooking.


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